Welcome, Mama!

I’m Amanda, founder of Kandy Apple Mama.

Of course, that’s only 1 piece of my puzzle. I’m not only a blogger, but also an artist and an ambitious entrepreneur. The mama of two wonderful girls and wife to the most amazing man. A coffee and Netflix addict who loves tattoos. An empowered woman who never stops learning.

I am a huge proponent of the mantra “embrace your journey” because life is not a race to the finish line! It’s a long and challenging adventure that – through countless trials and tribulations – molds you into the person you are meant to be!

K.A.M. has become part of my journey in a most amazing way. 

What started as a virtual “babe cave” where I could share my creative projects and divorced mom experiences, has turned into something even greater! It has turned into a place to share tons of helpful information for women, mothers, and their children. (Read Kandy Apple Mama’s About page to learn more.)

Not only that, but it’s also become my job, my business, my mission, AND my third baby! (Seriously.)






My #1 Role: Mama

Being a mama is a defining quality of what makes me, me. I love, love, LOVE being a mom. And being a mama of girls is so much more fun than I ever imagined it’d be.

While going from mama of 1 to mama of 2 was challenging in itself, an even bigger challenge is when one of your children comes from a previous marriage or relationship. Then, on top of everything else, you’re throwing a relationship with your ex co-parents into the mix. And because you want what’s best for your innocent child – you want them to have time with both Mommy and Daddy and Stepparents – that means creating a schedule catering to everyone’s needs.



The Road to Co-parenting Success

Co-parenting between two families after a divorce can be hard. (Trust me, it was no picnic for us the first couple years!) But after a lot of effort, my ex and I realized our families are just two sides of the same coin – both wanting what’s best for our daughter K. We’ve developed a working relationship that has turned animosity into friendship, and misunderstanding into compromise.

And we couldn’t have done it without the love and support of our partners (K’s stepparents) Kristen and James.

Kristen – K’s stepmom – and I started out simply exchanging photos of K whenever she was with us, so that each of us could enjoy seeing her when she was at the other’s house. This simple act of kindness (it really is one of the kindest things!) helped develop our parenting relationship into an actual friendship, making co-parenting even more fun!

Co-parenting is absolutely possible, and I will help you get there. Sign up for the 5 Day Co-parenting Challenge to learn how to become a co-parenting champion!



Blogging Business Partner

After improving on the co-parenting front, Kristen and I started sharing more and more. That’s when I started confiding in her about the blog. I shared the challenges I was facing and the hopes I had for the job, the struggles I had yet to overcome and the little wins I wanted to celebrate.

Kristen was so excited about the idea! So much so that she asked to help me, herself! So in January 2017, I happily welcomed my business partner and friend (who also happens to be K’s stepmom), Kristen, to the team. I can’t wait to see where this partnership and friendship takes us.





My Dream for KAM

I know the kind of relationships most people expect to have with stepparents, with ex husbands, and with blended families. It’s known to be a challenge, and it’s all too often we hear stories about the crazy, the bad, and the ugly experiences. We had our own ugly experiences in the beginning! But Kandy Apple Mama is here to prove that these negative relationships do not have to be the standard.

We chose a better way, and so can you.

Part of my dream and mission for Kandy Apple Mama is to prove the exception, to live as an example, and to help other families find the same or better success with co-parenting.

But what’s more is my hope that co-parenting be only a single part of KAM’s goals to help women be the change they wish to see in the world.

I want KAM to drive women and mothers to always aim higher. Never stop learning. Continue to improve – as adults, as mothers, and as people. But more importantly, to relay that message on to their children.

Because we have the power to change the world. We have the power to raise a better generation.


Get Organized. Get Creative.

Looking for a solution to your busy lives as a mama or stepmama?

Kristen and I are helping women and mothers get organized in a creative way with the new Busy Mama and Busy Babe planners. We even have a co-parenting version for all our blended family readers! For $40, you can get your life on track. It’s helped us tremendously, and it can help you, too!

Want a taste before commitment? (WARNING: You will get hooked!!)

Click the sign up button below and you can get the Busy Mama Planner Lite version for FREE just by signing up for our weekly newsletter. The smaller version of our popular coloring planner will be sent straight to your email inbox. If you don’t see it immediately, check your spam folder just in case.

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