I’m a self-proclaimed weirdo early bird that is up at 4:30 most days and considers waking up at 7:30, sleeping in. I am a granny who goes to bed at 9 most days. It drives Kevin absolutely bonkers – “Are you really going to sleep already?!” I’ve been attending 5am boot camp for six months now, and he only just realized two weeks ago that it required me to get up at 4:30 – he has since become much more understanding of my strict bedtime.

If you’re looking to join the other early birds with our worms, I’m happy to share 11 tips that will help you become a morning person!

11 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

#1 Plan out your day the night before so you can hit the ground running.

I always review my next day’s to-do list (work, personal, and blog), evening commitments, and goals before bed. I mentally map out my day and get a game plan together for how I’ll tackle and CRUSH the next day’s goals. When I wake up, I already know what lies ahead, what I need to accomplish, and how I plan to approach the day ahead. It allows me to run in autopilot for the first couple of minutes (shower, brush teeth, etc.).

#2 Start going to bed earlier and ease yourself into your bedtime.

There are nights where my bedtime is so close to my daughter’s that if we let her stay up just a little later than she’s supposed to (8pm), then I am rushing to get myself ready for bed and under the covers prior to my own bedtime (8:30pm). If that happens, the bedtime is useless. I will have exhausted so much energy on rushing and thinking about the time crunch, I’ll be up until at least 9 but usually closer to 9:30. Start working on getting ready for bed about 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep so that your mind can start winding down in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

#3 Don’t let your hubby keep the light or the big game on when you’re trying to sleep.

If your hubby isn’t ready to go to bed when you are, ask him to kindly stay in the living room to finish watching the big game or wrap up the evening news before tiptoeing back into the bedroom. You need your beauty rest, and that means quiet, darkness, and peace while you’re sleeping. Just because I called him out in the actual bullet point doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You need to put down your phone, log off Facebook or Pinterest, and really focus on shutting things down for the evening too.

#4 You need to make it a habit.

As hard as it may be the first day, it’s going to be even harder on the third day if you don’t stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to wake up early every other day – it’ll never work. The only way to really start thinking like a morning person is to get in the routine. You’ll love it once you get into the habit, but stick with it long enough to see it come to fruition.

#5 Wake up with the natural light.

It will be a lot easier to wake up if you allow yourself to wake up from the morning light. Once you’ve started blocking the light out, it will be impossible to use it as a natural alarm clock later. If you make the sunrise impossible to ignore, you’ll learn to use it to your advantage. It will inspire you to wake up and get the day started!

#6 Avoid the temptation to press snooze.

Once you’ve woken from the deep sleep you were in when the alarm went off, you’re not doing your body any good by pressing the snooze button. You’d be better off getting up and starting the day. Imagine what you could be doing with an extra 9 minutes (x5 days) = FORTY FIVE MINUTES. And if we’re being honest, you probably press it more than once.

Stay strong, Dory! A new day is out there just waiting for you to conquer it!

#7 Use an alarm app that will track your sleeping pattern and wake you accordingly.

I highly recommend the Sleep Cycle app for this. It analyzes your sleep and will wake you in your lightest sleep phase. You can choose however long you want your wake up phase to be, but the app recommends 30 minutes. This means the app will wake you up whenever you are at your lightest sleep phase (most awake) within 30 minutes of the time you need to wake up. It plays a gentle melody to help you wake up, and you only have to pick the phone up if you want to snooze (but you won’t have to do that, right?). It’s a much easier way to wake up – especially because you’re at your most awake when the alarm rings. The company is offering a free 1-month trial if you want to give it a shot!

#8 Drink a glass of water when you wake up.

Not only is this going to kick-start your metabolism for the day, but it’s really going to help your whole body get moving. It’s a small goal, a small action, to focus on when you first wake up – there’s not too much to think about right away!

#9 Feel free to blast loud music while you get moving.

It helps me when I turn on Pandora, Amazon Music, or even my own playlists. Check out our recommended cardio mix; it’s sure to get your blood pumping! It will wake your mind, and if it’s the right tune, it’ll also wake up your body. Be honest, Mamas. What’s that song that you can’t help but dance to? For me, it’s basically anything by a boy band. We just planned my bachelorette party to go see Backstreet Boys in Vegas, and I’m so stoked! Jamming some N*Sync or BSB first thing in the morning really gets me going! Plus, it puts me in a great mood and ready to conquer the day. I also recommend “Best Day of my Life” by American Authors; Kevin’s go-to is “All I Do is Win” by DJ Khaled. I usually wake my daughter up in the mornings with the song “Write Your Story” by Francesca Battistelli (If this is your kind of song, check out our Christian playlist). You get the picture! Pick your jam, and play it loud and proud!

#10 Work out in the morning.

I know. You’re thinking I’m the worst. But if it wasn’t really going to help you be more productive in the morning, I wouldn’t recommend it. You know that I’m right, and you know that you’re going to feel way better once you’re done with the workout. Your mind will be clear and ready to tackle all of the goals you set last night.

I’m not even asking you to leave the house! If you don’t want to go out and workout at a gym, boot camp, or class, don’t! We have a complete checklist for items needed, suggested workouts, and motivation for at-home workouts.

#11 Shower when you wake up (or after you work out!) instead of the night before.

Whether I’ve successfully convinced you to work out when you first get up or not, I want you to shower before you really start your day. Your shower will not only awaken and loosen up your body, but it will also awaken your mind. Many mamas have told me they have their best ideas in the shower. How great to start your day early with a super productive, thought-provoking shower? Imagine how much you can get done after that brainstorming session if you started early enough!


The house is so quiet before the family wakes up. You’ll feel so centered, focused, and like yourself. It’s my favorite me time. When you can start your day with a lot of energy, you’ll pack more action and productivity into the hours you’re awake. It will help your health, your business, and your family.

11 tips for Becoming an Early Bird

It’s going to be difficult to start, but give it about two weeks. It will get easier. You can do this, early bird in training!

Good luck, Mamas!


5 Responses

  1. Abby @ WinsteadWandering

    I SO want to be a morning person! As an introvert, I often stay up too late after the kids go to bed, just savoring the time to myself. I need to work on getting in bed earlier. Thanks for the tips!

    • Kristen

      I completely agree, Sarah! (Also, I can totally relate on your “If I make it that long” comment! Haha) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!

  2. Megan

    My son is almost 8, he’s made me become a morning person. I’ve always been up early for work but I didn’t truly become a morning person until my son was born. I love getting up early and hitting stores as they open whether it be the thrift store or for grocery shopping. It means less crowds, less waiting in line, and better selection/deals.


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