Happy Math Monday, Mamas!

Today we’re tricking your kids with this deceptively fun Go Fish Fraction game!

Does anyone else sneak fraction lessons into everyday life?

If there are 8 pizza slices in a pie and you eat 2 of them, what fraction of the pizza did you eat?


I don’t care, Mom, just let me eat in peace.

Why eat in peace when you can eat in pieces? Am I right?!

Why It Matters

Ready for some tough love? Your child becoming successful is not his teacher’s responsibility; it is yours and yours alone. Learning doesn’t only happen at school. It happens every minute of every day for our little sponge babies! (Get it? Because their minds are like a sponge??) At Kandy Apple Mama, we believe in raising well-rounded children that are both brilliant and respectful, and teaching them to value learning by making education FUN.

You don’t have to be a teacher to provide your children with valuable lessons at home. In fact, it’s better that you’re not your child’s teacher! School gets a bad rap, so you get to be the cool one by asking if they want to play a game!

Ready to find out how it works?

Go Fish Fractions

What do you need?

Official Kandy Apple Mama Fraction Game Flashcards. Just print them and cut them out!

Fraction Decimal Go Fish

Grab your free fraction decimal go fish flashcards!

How does it work?

You and your little one will each draw a hand; start with 4 cards each. The remaining cards will be placed face-down in a river pile.

Alternate asking if the other has the match to your card in terms of fractions. For example, if you have 1/2, then ask if your child has one-half. If you have .5 in your hand, you’ll still ask if your child has one-half. Don’t let your child ask for the decimal; force him to practice converting the decimal to a fraction.

If you have the card requested, you must give it to your child, and he will be allowed another turn. If you don’t, simply say, “Go fish!” and your child will draw a card from the river pile instead.

Keep going until all matches have been made. At the end, count the number of matches each of you have made, and the person with the highest number of matches wins!

Take the game a step further by creating your own flashcards for Round 2!

Make Math Futh with the Go Fish Fractions Game - Free Printable Cards!

What are you waiting for?

You know this fraction game sounds like fun and you actually can’t wait to play it with your kiddo. 😉 So what are you waiting for? Get started right now! It only takes a couple of minutes to print the flashcards and cut them out. You’re just a few minutes away from teaching your child that learning is fun and that you truly value his hard work and persistence.

You’re changing his life, Mama!

Fraction Decimal Go Fish

Grab your free fraction decimal go fish flashcards!

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