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Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, or a social media celebrity, you all have one thing in common–you want to establish a professional social media presence. But, you also want to live your life as fully as possible without constantly being on your phone or computer.

This rings especially true for us working moms! How many of us have widdled away hours of sleep working on our blogs or businesses, instead? I know I’m certainly guilty of it!

And when you’re growing your brand or business, a social media presence is crucial. You want to get your name out there so that people see you, so they know you’re real, and so they know you have an amazing product or service! But how many WAHMs have hours to spend posting content on multiple platforms, or even finding content to post???

While most people assume the solution to this problem would be hiring a social media manager, that’s not always affordable. Especially for those of us just starting out.

So the alternative solution would be social media schedulers, right?

Social Media Scheduler

If you don’t know what a social media scheduler is yet, you’re totally missing out. These apps and programs help you automate your social media by allowing you to schedule content ahead of time, to the minute. And when that time rolls around, they’ll either post the content for you, or they’ll notify you to copy and paste the post into your media app (Instagram doesn’t allow autoposts). This not only saves you time and energy, but also peace of mind.

There are a lot of different programs out there, and they all do very similar things. Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, Buffer, Later, Tailwind—are some of the most popular. I’ve tried quite a few of them, myself. And I’ve learned through trial and error that the devil’s in the details. Although these apps and programs do very similar things, there are very distinct differences that could make or break your business.

Now there’s a new social media tool in town—and it could blow the competition out of the water.

It’s called ViralTag.

Below, I’ve listed the best and worst of this new program, how it compares to competitors, and how you can use it to schedule social media content like a pro.


When I first started using ViralTag, I wanted to figure out exactly how it works and what I could do with it. Obviously it can schedule media ahead of time, but there are key features I was really looking for in an account management program. Ultimately, I was looking for 1 single scheduler that could meet all my needs.

I need something that:

  1. Can link to all my social accounts.
  2. Offers analytics and best-time-to-post suggestions
  3. Links to RSS feeds from my favorite blogs.
  4. Lets you view posts in a calendar view.
  5. Enables you to loop or repost content.
  6. Allows you to bulk upload many photos, as well as store extras for later.
  7. Offers a preview of your Instagram feed (and allows you to move images around in that feed).
  8. Allows for scheduling multiple posts at a time.
  9. Adds an extension to my toolbar.
  10. Has an app that works similarly, if not entirely like its website.

I know that’s a lot to ask for in a single program, but I know what I like and I know what works best for me. So let’s hit these points one by one.

Linking Social Media Accounts

ViralTtag allows you to link to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, or LinkedIn.  Personally, I’ve used Viraltag to focus on Facebook and Twitter. Occasionally I schedule something for Pinterest, but I use Tailwind and Board Booster for the majority. And I’ve only used it for Instagram a few times to see how it worked, because I use Later for that already.

Posting Schedules

Not only can you hook up multiple accounts, but you can also set posting schedules for each account individually. Meaning, if you want to post to Facebook 6 times a day, but you want to post to Twitter 12 times—Viraltag can handle it. When you go to the Home section, then the posting schedule tab, you can set the schedules for each social media account. This includes the number of times per day, as well as the specific times for each slot. I only wish it was easier to add time slots in bulk, to multiple accounts or more than one day. Right now, you can only add single time slots to one day at a time.

They even give you time slot suggestions based on when you get the most traffic to that account. In the upper right corner of the schedule, it’ll say “Get recommended times”. Now, I assumed they pull this information from their analytics data for each account. However, the majority of my suggested times were in the wee hours of the morning (1am or later) and that’s pretty much the opposite of when most of my traffic is. Consequently, I’m iffy as to where the suggestions come from.

Which leads me to the next feature…


Under the Reports tab on the left sidebar, you can view Analytics for all your linked accounts, as well as your blog or website (it can link to your google analytics account). Currently, this reports section includes traffic data, engagement info, and  an entire tab devoted to Pinterest alone.

Traffic plots all your accounts on a graph and pinpoints the number of visits you get to each account. Keep in mind this isn’t likes, merely profile views. It also plots the best times to post. However, under this tab, it actually combines the time data from all your accounts. In my opinion, I’d rather see a graph for each social account separately.

In the Pinterest section, you’ll see a summary of your number of pins, repins, followers, likes, and comments. It’ll graph your engagement, plot your followers growth, as well as list your most engaging pins and boards. This is super helpful information in helping you monitor your growth as well as best content.

Under the analytics tab is where you can actually check on each account separately, which is what I prefer. It tracks your engagement, followers, and the best times to post. You can also change the date range to compare anything from today, to the past week, past month, even all time.

RSS Feeds

The RSS feature was the first thing that popped out at me and is by far my favorite Viraltag feature. I’ve been looking for an app or program that could pull the RSS feeds from my favorite blogs and allow me to post to my own social media accounts, giving credit to those blogs (of course).

After trying Hootsuite (that I had heard so much about) and being bitterly disappointed, I didn’t have much hope that this scheduler would actually do what I wanted it to. Thankfully, I was happily surprised! I had no love for Hootsuite and actually cancelled my trial/subscription specifically because of how confusing their RSS feature was. Hootsuite could only post new posts from rss feeds, I couldn’t choose which posts they were nor the time, and I couldn’t for the life of me get it to work!

Viraltag, however, is much more user friendly. Not only does it pull all posts from an RSS feed you choose, but you can bulk schedule them as you please. No auto posting only new content—you can be more selective than that. You simply click the images and posts you wish to schedule, and then choose the social media accounts you wish to post to. It’s so easy.

Plus, you’re allowed an unlimited number of feeds. None of this “3 free feeds” crap. Personally, I have 20 and counting. (What can I say? I love sharing other people’s brilliance!)

Viewing Posts

When I schedule posts, I love being able to view them in a column as well as a calendar view. I also prefer to be able to click and drag them into the time slot I want.

With Viraltag, I got 1 out of 2.

It allows you to view all your scheduled posts by account, as well as all together. You can view them in a listed column, as well as a gridded calendar. While your only option is a calendar by the week and not month, it’s completely understandable when you can post an unlimited number of times a day. In the weekly view, your posts are listed one under the other endlessly, ordered by the day of the week.

I would have liked to see a “shuffle” button when viewing scheduled posts, much like Tailwind offers—especially when you post so much content from one source at a time. Unfortunately this isn’t offered. I’ll definitely be making the suggestion for improvement, though.

Also, dragging and dropping to a different time slot isn’t an option. You can however, click on a post and easily reschedule to another day or time. You can also alter which accounts you post it to, the source it’s coming from, add multiple posting times, or make the info evergreen. Which I’ll cover in the next section…

Looping Content / Reposting

Evergreen content is what Viraltag calls the act of looping posts. Under the Home tag in the left sidebar, you can access the Evergreen Content section.

“Any post you add as “Evergreen” will be automatically posted to your social accounts whenever there’s an empty slot in your posting schedule.” –Viraltag

You get to choose the minimum number of days between these posts, however. So for example, if I post my DIY Chore Chart for kids to Facebook on Monday, I don’t want that same post to end up on my Facebook again in the next two weeks. To avoid this, I tell Viraltag to not repeat the same post more than once in a 14 day period.

I love this feature when it comes to posting my own blog content. It allows my blog posts to auto post to my social accounts on a never ending schedule, so I never have to go back to keep adding them. It reminds me of board booster in a way when using it for Pinterest, but I like it better in that it allows me to pick and choose the pins I want looped and when, rather than looping an entire board and choosing which pins to post at random.

Uploading Photos

Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform out of all the acountst I use. Because of this, I love a scheduler that can handle my Insta. I like scheduling my content weeks or months in advance at a time, so that I don’t have to be constantly worrying about what to post next.

This means that I need something that will allow me to bulk upload the photos and media I wish to schedule for said Insta.

Now, while Viraltag does have a bulk image uploader, , it does not have an image library to hold such images. Much like Hootsuite, it doesn’t allow you to store images without fleshing out a draft post first. Being a Later user, I’m used to being able to upload media to store in a library to save for later—and I prefer that. So while scheduling all uploads right away may be the most efficient way to handle media, it’s just not my cup of tea with Instagram in particular.

Instagram Feed

Another feature that I’m used to with using Later, is the Instagram Feed Preview, and I was hoping Viraltag would have this option.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

While you absolutely can schedule content, even bulk content, to your Instagram feed, there’s no preview option to compare how the media affects your Insta theme. If you’re a pro at sticking to your Insta feed theme/style, then you probably won’t mind this missing feature.

I, however, love using it with Later.

I have discovered, however, that you are able to rearrange media when scheduling posts in Viraltag’s bulk editor. I’d only discovered this recently, and was much more excited about the bulk editor after finding it out. Besides the lack of a feed preview, the bulk editor can really streamline how you schedule Instagram.

Bulk Editing

Viraltag’s bulk editor is what you view when scheduling posts. So whenever you upload media, click on posts from an RSS feed, or decide to publish something off another website, it takes you to the editor screen.

Here is where the magic happens.

On this screen you can choose to edit all posts/pictures in bulk, or individually as you see fit. You decide which account(s) you want each post to be scheduled to (including multiple boards from your Pinterest account), write a description for each, include the source URL, and schedule each for a certain time. You can also choose to clone a post, or make it evergreen.

If you’d rather just add all the content to your account queue, instead of choosing individual times, click “Add all to Queue” to have them fill your next scheduled slots. This is what I choose to do, which is why being able to rearrange the posts or media in the order I prefer is so valuable.

Toolbar Extension

Another valuable feature Viraltag has to offer is their toolbar extension. This feature makes it super simple to share valuable content you find on the web with your audience. All you have to do is click the Viraltag button on your toolbar, click on every image you wish to share, easily edit them in the bulk editor, and “add all to my queue”.

The Viraltag App

Another one of the very few flaws I found with Viraltag is their app. It’s really just a tool to help you with your Instagram only. It has none of the same features the website does, and is specifically designed to handle moving scheduled images from Viraltag to your Instagram.  Obviously this was needed since Instagram doesn’t allow auto posting and you have to actually move media and captions from scheduler to the app directly (with any scheduler).

I would have liked to see more of the website features accessible through the app, though. Tailwind, while it only handles Pinterest, offers an extension to add to your phone. It would certainly be beneficial for Viraltag to add something similar, for those of us who tend to find the most shareable information on mobile instead of desktop.

A Valuable Tool

All in all, after playing around with Viraltag  for a couple of weeks in a trial period, they’ve now added yet another paying customer to their ranks. Considering how well they out-preformed their competitors, it was a no brainer for me.

While it doesn’t have every single aspect I was looking for, it has nearly all of them, and certainly more features than all the over social media managers I’ve tried before. Plus, Viraltag is by far the most versatile for different social platforms, and user friendly.

Viraltag is not only helping me increase my followers on social media, but it’s also given me the peace of mind that comes with knowing my media accounts are already taken care of. I love being able to schedule content weeks or months in advance in only an hour or two. Working mamas need all the help (and automation) we can get! Maybe then we can squeeze in a little more sleep, too.

Get 2 Weeks Free

If you’re interested in giving Viraltag a try to see how it can improve your social media presence, you can sign up here and get a 2 week free trial. They’ll give you 14 days free to see how you like it before making a decision about whether to sign up.

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