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How To Mom Seminar for less than $40!

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Ever wonder if you’re doing this mom thing right? Do you wonder how all of the other moms make it look so easy? Want to know “How To Mom for Dummies?”

As stepmoms (at least those of us that don’t yet have biological children), we didn’t read all of the pregnancy and parenthood books before we became parents, and it can be SO overwhelming. You’re now responsible for being a great wife, a super mom, a kind and generous co-parent, a nutritious chef, a child psychologist, a professional home cleaner, and a role model. That escalated quickly, am I right?

How To Mom Seminar for less than $40!

I found an answer to your questions and concerns! The 2018 A Purpose Driven Mom Summit begins on April 2nd and runs for an entire week with 24 presentations from experts across the field of momming! They’re all presenting on topics critical to raising a child and mastering the art of motherhood.

Take a look at the Summit agenda below, just released!

Topics Covered


  • When did we sign up for this race, anyway? Ending the mom comparison game – Krystle Bailey
  • Parenting with confidence: Preventing power struggles – Melissa Benaroya
  • Creating an environment for your child to thrive – Kim Williams
  • A rested family is a happy family: How to create a peaceful sleep routine – Jilly Blankenship
  • Four pillars of a spiritual home: How to help your kids grow in Jesus – Erika Dawson
  • Family chores: Help your child do real work without charts, rewards, or nagging – Liz Millay
  • Bringing up Montessori toddlers – Holly Daniel
  • Embracing motherhood, intentionally – Danielle Roush

Marriage & Co-Parenting

  • Keeping the spark in your marriage – Cara Harvey
  • What I really think about my stepdaughter’s mom and co-parenting – Kristen Skiles (that’s me!)

Cooking & Cleaning

  • Preparing delicious comfort meals for your family in a few hours a week – Lauren Richmond
  • Getting your kids to eat healthier – Shawna Clapper
  • How to meal plan 4x a year (without taking forever) – Elisa Giorgio
  • Get the house clean and keep it that way – Surya Chronister


  • How to avoid the mistakes we made teaching money concepts – Ashley Rebman
  • Stretching your grocery budget with coupons – Cara Harvey
  • How to make money from home with a blog – Suzi Whitford

Self-Care & Organization

  • Taking 10 minutes a day for you; using self development to leverage your life – Cara Harvey
  • Using planning time as self care – Mackenzie Monroe
  • Conquering your day: Using bookends to get more done – Cara Harvey
  • How to incorporate self-love into your busy mom life – Sirri McNeil
  • Finding joy in your home (on those really tough days) – Jami Balmet
  • Time management for the busy woman: how to get things done – Cara Harvey
  • Using templates to get more done in less time – Raki Wright

Summit Structure

5 times per day, a new lecture is released. After watching the presentation online, participants will head to the attendee-specific Facebook group where the speaker will go live in the group to answer questions, clarify presentation points, and to just chat! AND because we’re all busy (hello!) the presentations are available forever. Yes, forever. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the videos, so you can go back and access them at any time, whether you missed it the first day or just want to go back and re-watch sometime!

As I briefly mentioned, there’s an entire Facebook community dedicated to Summit attendees and presenters. We’ll be interacting with each other and sharing special goodies just for Summit attendees! For example, I’ve offered a 10% off coupon for the entire mom swag shop to Summit attendees. Check out the swag here.

How to Purchase Tickets

I can’t wait to hang out with all of you next week at the 2018 A Purpose Driven Mom Summit! Grab your ticket to access all 24 presentations, the exclusive Facebook community, and all of the goodies exclusive to summit attendees here. There’s an option to add-on a workbook to accompany the presentations for $7 if you wish, but it’s not required.

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See you soon!

PS: Still have questions? Post a comment below!

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