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Best Deal on Activities to do with your Stepchildren

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I picked my stepdaughter up from school the other day and her very first question to me was “What are we going to do today?”

You see, we usually play at the playground after school but it was drizzling and cold that afternoon so that was a no. I’ve always been a big proponent of physical activity; I don’t think kids get enough of it these days. The average P.E. class in our area is 30 minutes, 4 days a week.

And let’s face it, they come home and plop in front of the TV most days. Anyway, I digress… My smart little stepdaughter knows my consistency if nothing else, so she was wondering how I was going to make up for the weather.

Enter Pogo Pass.

I’m pretty sure it’s the single greatest investment I have made as a mom and stepmom. I’m not joking. This venue pass has been a lifesaver for our family! With an energetic seven year old and a curious two year old, I was running out of ideas (and money) for how to keep them entertained.

*Initiate Google search.* And y’all, I went to page three of Google! We all know that if the answer isn’t on the first page of Google, it’s probably an unanswerable question. But I was determined! Three looooong thumb scrolls later, I found Pogo Pass.

On this rainy afternoon, I decided to stop by Kid Mania, a giant indoor playground and arcade.

We pull up, run inside because it’s now pouring, scan our Pogo Passes and presto! We’re in without that annoying entrance fee!

It’s so much easier to pop into these places for a quick visit when you don’t have to factor in cost, right!? The weekend before this, we spent the day at the zoo. Last month, we tried out ice skating. And next month we have a semi-pro basketball game and mini golf on the agenda. And guess what? We’re not going to have to pay a dime to get into any of them!

What is a Pogo Pass?

So let me explain. Pogo Pass is a family fun card that gets you into venues like arcades and bowling alleys, sporting events, water parks and museums year round for FREE!!

Santa brought us our Pogo Passes two years ago and we’ve renewed every year since. You buy a card for everyone in your family 2 years old and up, and that’s it!

You get access to all of the venues, most several times a year, for no charge! Some venues even offer additional perks like game cards or discounts off birthday parties. It pays for itself over and over again.

Special Discount Just for Stepmoms

And this year, Pogo Pass is offering even more options for families with a more budget-friendly Basic Pass and the traditional Premium Pass. But wait, there’s more! If you use our code STEPMOM you’ll get another 20% off!!

That makes the Basic Pass only $19.98 and the Premium Pass only $39.98.

This is seriously the best thing I have bought for my family.

Check to see if it’s in your area here and snag your passes now!

P.S. Here’s our list of the best activities to do this summer! You’ll find some overlap with the Pogo Pass offering 🙂

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