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Friday Favorites: Cariloha Bed Sheets

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You guys. My bed is a DREAM. I hate staying at a hotel because I haven’t found a bed that compares to the one at home. Pretty remarkable, right? It’s a combination of my adjustable bed base that raises and massages, the most comfortable mattress, and my favorite bed sheets.

I’m going to tell you why they’re my favorite bed sheets, and then I’m going to give you a discount!

Friday Favorites: Cariloha Bed Sheets

About a year ago, my parents came home from a cruise raving about the new company they’d found at one of the ports of call. They fell in love with the products from Cariloha so much they purchased nearly half the store. Mom couldn’t stop raving about the store, whose products are made from bamboo. Cariloha features a product line of clothing, bath and bedding, and accessories.

After thinking about it more, my parents decided to open their own Cariloha store! They were so enthusiastic about this brand we couldn’t help but take notice.

My Favorite Bed Sheets Cariloha Bed Sheets | Bamboo Bedding | Cariloha Bedding | Cariloha Bedsheets | Bamboo Bedsheets
My Favorite Bed Sheets Cariloha Bed Sheets | Bamboo Bedding | Cariloha Bedding | Cariloha Bedsheets | Bamboo Bedsheets

Cariloha Austin’s Grand Opening

My parents scouted locations, met with contractors, and negotiated with corporate. Then on August 12, 2017, my parents did it! They opened their own Cariloha store in Austin, Texas! My sister and I (pictured below) along with most of the rest of my family made the trek to Austin to be with my parents to celebrate for their Grand Opening.

My husband Kevin and I wanted to support my parents (and to try out these products they’d been raving about!) so we purchased a few different items. Kevin got a couple of new polos for work, I grabbed a super soft blanket, and we got a new set of bed sheets for our bed! I was gifted a pair of sleep pants for my birthday and some fun socks for Christmas. I also recently purchased a pair of their leggings for our trip to Disney World last month, and they were amaaaazing. But back to the sheets!

Cariloha’s Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets

These are the SOFTEST sheets I’ve ever slept in, and they’ve been washed dozens of times and never pill or get less soft. They’re amazing each and every time.

Why I love the Cariloha Resort Bed Sheets:

  • They are SO SOFT!
  • The bamboo keeps you cool at night. In fact the sheets are up to 3 degrees cooler than non-bamboo sheets! (source)
  • The color really enhances my bedroom set! We love our Graphite color.
  • They are odor and allergy-resistant, which is perfect because we have two cats.
  • There’s a lifetime guarantee. So even if for some reason these sheets aren’t still amazing ten years from now, I get a brand new set of sheets to replace them!

Save 15%!

I am so excited about this! I called my mom and told her I’m in love with my sheets and want to feature them on the blog (because I only promote products I really love to you!). She believes in the brand so much and wants everyone to have access to them, so she has offered all of my readers 15% off their purchase (of anything, not just sheets!). Give her a call at her store, (512) 792-9030, and mention that you read about her store on the Stepmomming blog. As soon as she knows you’re a dear friend of her daughter’s, she’s going to hook you up with 15% off your entire purchase AND free shipping! 

You can pick out your items on the Cariloha website and then give Mama Becky a call.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Kristen,
    I’m new to your web page and have been reading many of your blog posts and LOVE them! Fellow childless stepmom so your blogs have been wonderful! Thank you!
    I plan to try out these lovely bed sheets you rave about but I’m also in the market for a new bed and since you are so in love with your, I wanted to ask what you had. There are SO many options out there these days it’s tough to make a choice!

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