“To share the duties of parenting a child”.
In other words, it’s when a family splits in two and
can still mutually and beneficially work together
in raising their child in a more positive way.

A Quick Reference to Common Custody Schedules

There's a big "C word" in the shared parenting world: custody. Parents love their children so much, and it's hard to be satisfied with the time you have. Whether it's 80% or 20%, it never feels like enough. Hav...
Stepmom in the Shadows

Stepmom in the Shadows

It's easy to feel overlooked or underappreciated as a stepmom - to feel like a "stepmom in the shadows." One stepmom bares her soul through the personal poem reprinted below with permission. If you find your...
Blended Family Christmas

My Favorite Blended Family Christmas Tradition

The holidays can be such a chaotic time for children of divorce. Growing up, I had 2 separate Christmases, and there was even one year I spent most of Christmas day on an airplane shuffling between Mom's and Dad's houses. My stepdaughter has 4 celebrations ...
Gifts for moms and stepmoms

32 Great Gifts for Moms and Stepmoms!

What kind of a mother doesn't have a million mom mugs in her cabinets and funny t-shirts in her closet? My cabinets are full of "Baby Maker" mugs and my closet can always use another "#momlife" t-shirt. I kno...

Raised by a Single Dad: Memories and Life Lessons

(Originally posted in a co-parenting Facebook group. Reposted on Kandy Apple Mama with permission.) Kristen and I are members of many co-parenting groups on Facebook. We love hearing success stories, offerin...
Wrapping paper hack

My Blended Family Christmas Wrapping Paper Hack

Christmas is a big deal 'round these parts. It's Veterans Day, and I'm gearing up for tomorrow on Kohl's website taking full advantage of their best sale of the year (in my opinion). If you haven't already, you should really check out the details of my recomme...
Accepting stepmom

Accepting My Daughter’s Stepmom: A Journey

Two years ago, if you had told me I would one day be best friends with my daughter's stepmom - I wouldn't have believed you. If you had said we would be having dinner together, going on co-parenting dates, r...