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Cook by Colours: The Fun & Easy Way to Get Littles in the Kitchen

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One of K’s very best friends had a sleepover with us last night, and the girls kept begging for a snack. It’s a battle with K to finish dinner, but snacks? She can eat them like nobody’s business. You know what that’s like, I’m sure. So I decided to get a little creative with it. Amanda and I were approached by Brent Currie, co-author of Cook by Colours, to try out the ultimate kid-friendly cookbook with our littles, and last night was the perfect time to try it out!

After unanimously deciding on Banana Bread, we got to work!

A Cooking Mama’s Dream

Words don’t do this cookbook justice; it’s the perfect book for introducing your littles to the kitchen. With fun food names like Dragon Dip, Tortoise Tortilla Chips, and Beaver Tail Pizza, your kids are going to be so excited they can’t stand it. Challenge the picky eater by having him choose his own dinner then help you prepare it; it’s hard not to like something you helped create!

Things I love about this cookbook:

1. Reminders to wash your hands.

The first step of every recipe is to wash your hands. I LOVE this! Just in case Mom’s not paying close enough attention, Kiddo didn’t hear Mom’s direction to wash hands before cooking, or any other reason. It’s a wonderful reminder regardless.

2. Using photos instead of words.

Though my daughter is 7 and can read, I know many who can use this book to teach their kiddos that are younger than mine. There’s no age limit on developing a love for cooking with this book! If you can see it, you can do it!

3. Color-coded measuring cups!!

My little one hasn’t learned fractions yet, so the ability to pick up the orange cup that matches the picture instead of looking for the “1 then 2” (1/2) cup helped things move along much quicker! There was no doubt she measured the correct volume; I just double-checked the color cup she was holding.

4. Fun photos.

K and her friend spent 20 minutes just looking at the photos of each of the characters and the foods they inspired, before deciding on the food they wanted to make. There’s a bright illustration of a character, a drawing of the food, and an actual photo of the dish. The authors really did think of everything – photos for kids and moms.

5. Delicious recipes.

I’ve had a lot of banana bread in my day, but this bread was really good. For how simple it was to make, I highly recommend! Plus, K was able to make it with her own two hands. When she can build confidence by easily following a recipe and making her own delicious food, it helps her to branch out and try new things!

6. Bonding time.

Last, but certainly not least, I thoroughly enjoyed the bonding time this cookbook allowed with my daughter. Not only did K bond with me last night, but she had a blast with her friend! They giggled over measuring cups, swapped stories over ingredients, and exchanged high fives over scoring a delicious snack they helped create! I can easily see us using the Cook by Colours cookbook to create delicious meals together in the future.

An Honest Review of Cook by Colours

I always want to be honest with our readers about products and services we review, so I’ll admit I came into this a little skeptical. Aren’t all cookbooks alike? I learned my answer the easy way: absolutely not. This cookbook is above and beyond anything I’ve seen before. It’s perfectly tailored to children’s skill levels, palates, and preferences.

It’s not incredibly lengthy – only 25 recipes – but it’s packed full of fun. The book and cups come in colorful packaging as intentionally designed as each of the book’s recipes to ensure everything is delivered in top quality. There’s no extra cost for the measuring cups, and they’re very good quality and will definitely last us.

By our standards, Cook by Colours is both kid- and mom-approved. 😉

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Try it out and let me know what you think!


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