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Amazon Just Announced a Discounted Prime Membership!

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Amazon recently announced a discounted Prime membership for moms and families receiving government assistance. (Read the full press release.)

This is huge.

For years their $99 Prime Membership cost kept lower income families away from signing up and taking advantage of their competitively priced items. Now, those with EBT cards can take advantage of a discounted membership and sign up for only $5.99 a month – with no annual commitment.

Say what??

You can qualify every 12 months (up to 4 times) and you can cancel any time you like. (So, for example, if you decide to cancel after using it for 6 months, you can reapply in another 6.)

While this currently only applies to EBT card holders, Amazon says it’s adding a growing number of assistance programs to its eligibility requirements in the future.

I’ve talked before, at length, about what an Amazon Prime Membership entails when I wrote about Saving Money During the Holidays. But for those of you who don’t know…

Prime Membership includes:

  • Unlimited free shipping – 2 Day and Same-Day
  • Prime Now – free 2 hour delivery on tens of thousands of items
  • Discounts on 50 million+ products
  • 20% off Diaper subscriptions
  • Prime Video – tens of thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Free eBooks and magazines through Prime Reading
  • Prime Music – 2 million+ songs and thousands of playlists

OH, and I recently learned about these gems:

  • Audible Channels – original podcasts, audio series, and audiobooks exclusively from Audible
  • Prime Photos – unlimited photo storage
  • Kindle First – access to a free pre-release e-book each month
  • Twitch Prime – in-game loot on Twitch and 20% off pre-release digital games
  • Early Access to Lightning Deals

And for only $5.99 a month??? I mean, that’s almost equivalent to me giving up one Starbucks run a month. All that for the price of a fancy coffee? And the fact that there’s no commitment to an annual contract is perfect. Instead of paying a $99 fee once a year, you’ll be getting all the same benefits for less than $6 a month. That’s less than diapers. Less than formula. Less than… well you get the picture.

The savings you’ll earn on diaper subscriptions will more than pay for the membership. And how convenient would it be to have diapers on your doorstep before the last one runs out every month (or two, depending on how many you buy)?

What I Love About Amazon Prime

Personally, I love having an Amazon Prime membership. It’s an extremely convenient way to shop these days, especially with small children. I’ve seen parents in the grocery store plenty of times with unruly 3 year olds and screaming infants; the looks on their faces are proof they wish they could have just stayed home. I even remember the days of my childhood, when my wild little brothers would run and hide in the stacks of clothes or get lost and end up calling Mom over the intercom to come get them.

Heck, my own children and never-ending exhaustion leave me shopping from my phone instead of in the store most days, too.

We’re all moms here, and we get it – shopping with kids can get crazy! Well Amazon gets it too. They’ll ship whatever you buy straight to your house. Don’t like what you bought? They have no-hassle returns. Seller didn’t ship the right thing? Hassle-free refund.

After all these years of being a Prime member myself (at least 7!), I’ve actually had zero issues with the company. Even the very few times I was unsatisfied (when one of my packages didn’t show up because of UPS, or the seller shipped the wrong item) Amazon quickly remedied the situation by either giving me a refund or exchanging the item.

Plus, I love being able to check the reviews of a product before actually committing to buying it. And because there are millions of Amazon customers who leave reviews, there’s almost always plenty to read through. The reviews show you which item to get if there are a lot to choose from, they help you determine your size since you can’t try stuff on first, or they convince you not to waste your money. They can also be pretty funny at times. This one was why I nixed the new Bumbo in favor of my mom’s older model without the seatbelt. (Bored Panda has a list of some really funny ones here.)

Discounted Amazon Prime Membership

Why You’ll Love it Too

For all the families with EBT cards able to take advantage of the discounted membership – you’re going to love it too!

Not only will you be getting the convenience of the free shipping straight to your door and the hassle-free shopping experience of not having to take your kids shopping with you, but you’ll also have access to even cheaper products. Which, lets face it, we all want access to. Most of the time when I’m shopping for anything at a brick and mortar store, I’m still pulling the product up on Amazon to check to see if it’s cheaper. If I can wait the two days for it to get to my house, I’ll always opt for the cheaper price! (Seriously, the two day shipping has spoiled me rotten. Any other online store that takes longer leaves me thinking “Why am I paying for this???”)

You deserve this, Mama. The ease, the convenience, and the discount.

Learn more and sign up for a free 30-day trial at amazon.com/qualify.


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