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Littles Afraid of the Dark? DIY Night Light Lanterns

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My daughter is always asking to sleep in Mommy’s bed. I’m not sure if she’s truly afraid of the dark, or just wants a warm body to snuggle up to. Either way, we try to negate the sleeping-with-mommy argument by getting rid of all the excuses she tries to use. We’ve even offered to allow our family dog to sleep in bed with her (a warm body and a guard dog—you’d think she’d be all for it!) but she declines. She says he takes up too much room. Some of her other ways of stalling bedtime:

“I’m thirsty!”

We give her a small drink of water.

“It’s too dark…”

Turn on the lava lamp (her first nightlight).

“What if there’s a monster?”

Explain there’s no such thing as monsters.

“But I’m hungry.”

Well, you should’ve eaten more of your dinner instead of saying you were full.

“It’s still too dark!”

At this remark, we used to leave larger lamps on in the hallway so she could still see the light on with her door closed.

Well, not anymore!

DIY Mason Jar Night Lights | DIY Night Lights | Mason Jar Crafts

DIY Night Light Lanterns

When I was trying to come up with ways to repurpose all the glass jars I’ve collected over the years…

Jar Inventory

I came up with the interesting idea to make one into a nightlight for K.

All you’ll need is:

An empty and cleaned mason (or pickle) jar

 Different colored Tissue Paper

Mod Podge

Small Paint brush

Thin, Moldable Wire

A Battery-operated Tea Light

First, you’ll want to take your tissue paper and rip it up into small pieces.

I used shades of blue for mine, but you can use whatever colors you want.

DIY Nightlight Lanterns

Next, take your small paint brush and use it to brush a small amount of mod podge onto your glass jar.

You’ll want to work in sections, adding a little mod podge, then adding a few pieces of tissue paper. You may need to add multiple layers of one color of paper so that it shows better. As you add mod podge to the glass, you’ll also need to cover some of the paper with it as well. You’ll want to layer each piece so that there are no open spaces for you to see the glass.

DIY Nightlight Lanterns

Once you have all the tissue paper added the way you like it, let it dry.

Now take your craft wire and wrap it around the mouth of your jar a few times to make sure you cut off enough length.

Adding the lantern handle is more of a “wing it” activity than a “measure to the T” one. I took my wire and wrapped it a couple times around the mouth, bent it over (like a rainbow) to create a handle, looped it under one side and back to the other.

DIY Night Light Lanterns

I’m sorry if it sounds kind of confusing! But, just play with it. It’s not too hard to figure out. These handles are more for aesthetics than functionality.

 Now all that’s left is to turn on your battery powered tea light, and drop it in the jar!

Viola! A homemade nightlight!

Hopefully this helps your little from being afraid of the dark. K still tries to convince us to let her sleep in our bed, but now “it’s too dark” is no excuse!


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