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EP 07: Living in the Ex’s House with Amelia Lane

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Hey, stepmom! Amelia Lane is joining me for today’s episode of the Stepmomming Made Easy podcast. We had a fascinating conversation about her experience moving into the home her partner shared with his ex and my experience with the ex moving in with us. You don’t want to miss it!

We talk all about: 

  1. A stepmom’s perspective when the ex is figuratively or literally in your home (Literally for me, when Krista’s mom moved in for 3 months & figuratively for Amelia when she moved into the home her husband used to share with his ex).
  2. How she made the house feel like a safe space and more like her home.
  3. The importance of feeling and communicating your emotions, and the power of validation.

Amelia is a {second} wife, mom of two, and stepmom of one. She and her husband have been together for 12 years and married for 7. 

After overcoming her own stepfamily challenges: insecurity, shame, and what felt like endless frustration, Amelia made it her mission to help stepparents just like her! In 2020 she became a certified stepparent coach and opened Lane Stepfamily Coaching. In addition to her specialized education, Amelia’s biggest asset to coaching is her lived experience. Not only is she a stepmom, but a child of divorce too. This allows her to offer clients many different perspectives when helping them work through, and learn to cope with their unique challenges.

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