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EP 11: What Happens When Your Stepkids Turn 18 with Barb Goldberg

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Hi, stepmom! Barb Goldberg is joining us for today’s episode of the Stepmomming Made Easy podcast, and I’m so honored! Barb is one of the most fun, creative, and insightful people I’ve ever met. You’re going to LOVE this conversation!

Barb Goldberg is the author and owner of The Evil Stepmother Speaks website, blog and book. As the stepmother to three children and the biological mom to one son, Barb has been through the trenches and understands the challenges of stepmother life. Now, her children are grown and she can look back and teach practical solutions while keeping you laughing along the way.

Barbara has a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education, a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is a certified Dr. Martha Beck life coach. She holds Stepmom Retreats every year and also coaches stepmoms.

Barb and I chat about so many important stepmom issues, including:

• The different feelings (& “distance”) you feel as a stepmom and as a mom

• Reclaiming control as a stepmom (& Barb’s truly unique way of doing it)

• Adult stepkids and stepgrandkids

• The power of doing nothing

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Barb’s book, The Evil Stepmother Speaks (affiliate): https://amzn.to/3XXj6sv



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