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Trick or Treat in Style: 75+ of the Hottest Halloween Costumes for Children

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Pumpkin carving, pumpkin spice, and pumpkin pie – what’s not to love about Halloween time? I’m so excited about the upcoming holiday I just couldn’t wait to start looking at Halloween costumes for children!

2017’s trends are going to revolve around food, pop culture (think: 2017 blockbuster movies), and fantasy creatures. You’ll see a combination of all of those in this list. Blockbuster movies included Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast, Emoji Movie, and many others. Just like with pool floaties, junk food is in for Halloween costumes for children this year. Do you remember the popularity of the Unicorn Frappucino this year? That’s no coincidence. Unicorns and dragons are hot costumes this year, too!

We already ordered K’s costume last weekend, and she wore it all night long once it arrived. It’s the one time of year it’s totally acceptable to act like someone (or something!) you’re not. Whether that’s a donut, a unicorn, or a superhero, you get to just do you for one night a year, October 31st here we come!

Best Kids Halloween Costume : 75 of the hottest kids costumes!

75+ of 2017’s Hottest Halloween Costumes for Children

Whatever Sprinkles Your Donut

Do-nut tell me you’re not digging this costume!

Your Favorite Character from Monster’s Inc!

Whether your kiddo wants to embrace his inner Mike, Sully or her inner Boo, these costumes are TOO. CUTE.

Magical Unicorn

I was really hoping there was going to be a unicorn frappucino costume to show you guys, but I guess this totally adorable unicorn will have to do instead.

Fire Breathing Dragon

Dragons are all the rage this year. I dare you to click on the photo and see the even more adorable dragon costumes there are for babies. You’re welcome.

Wonder Woman

Empower your little girl with this Wonder Woman costume this year! She’ll feel unstoppable!

Gigantic T-Rex

You guys. I want one of these for myself. This is AMAZING.

Your Fave from Beauty and the Beast

Belle, Beast, Lumiere, Chip, or Gaston – your favorites are all here! And if you’re a mama with multiple kids, pleeeeease buy all 5 and send me pictures! I’m currently obsessed with this movie. Like… my daughter tells me we watch it too much. That obsessed.


Admittedly, I know little about this game except that it’s cool with the kids. And he looks adorable!


“I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat and restore the heart to Te Fiti!” Another one of my very favorite movies.

Gene from Emoji Movie

Did you guys see this movie?! I actually really liked it. I’d also totally endorse the Jailbreak costume for the girl Emoji fans.  

Chocolate Chip Cookie

This would be super cute paired up with a cookie monster costume!


Because who doesn’t love hugs?

Where’s Waldo

Annoy your kid by asking where they are all night – it’ll be so fun, promise.

UPS Delivery Man

I don’t even know how I stumbled across this beauty, but I can’t get enough of it. So cute. What can brown do for you this Halloween?

Baby Pineapple

Girl, you look fine-apple. Plus, it’s Carter’s. Win-win.

Inside Out Characters: Joy, Disgust, or Anger

We enjoyed this movie so much it was how we themed K’s birthday party two years ago. So. Much. Fun.

LEGO Batman


Descendants 2 Mal

Girl, get on with your bad self.

Buzz Lightyear

Will Toy Story ever get old? Please say no. To infinity and beyond. <3

Find Nemo or Dory!

My nephew wore this Nemo costume on his first Halloween spent trick or treating (he was barely 1), and it was to die for. Soooo cute.

Minion Mania

With the new movie out this summer, Minions are definitely still cool. And how stinkin’ cute is the girl minion costume? K has one of those in her dress-up closet.

Katniss from Hunger Games

May the odds be ever in this costume’s favor! FIERCE.

NASA Astronaut

I had the honor of meeting Mae Jemison earlier this year, and I could not support this costume more!

Girl Zombie

I’m sure there are plenty of boy zombie costumes to choose from too, but this girl zombie costume really caught my eye!

Spider-Man Homecoming

Is it your friendly neighborhood Spider-man?!

Flo from Progressive

This was actually my costume in 2014! I got so many compliments!

PJ Masks Catboy


Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora

Again: FIERCE. #girlpower

TMNT Leonardo

Really, pick whichever TMNT tickles your fancy. I’m not trying to play favorites here!

Cuddly Cow

I dare you to pair this with a sign like the Chick-Fil-A cow!

Adorable Robot

Dance moves sold separately.

Circus Clown

Stay as far away from the It costumes as you can! But this circus clown is actually not creepy and kind of adorable.

Cat in the Hat

A classic – love love love! And if your kiddo has twin siblings (like my niece!) she could go trick or treating with “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” – genius!

Poppy from Trolls

Did anyone else have to watch this movie a thousand times this year?! Thanks a lot, Netflix. But honestly, Poppy was pretty adorable. I accept.

Lion King

I was pretty disappointed I couldn’t find anything more than a Rafiki mask (no full costume) but this Simba costume really does cause quite the roar.

For Fox Sake

You can finally find out what the fox said!

Lightning McQueen Pit Crew

I thought this was pretty clever. Instead of your kid needing a “wide load” sign because he’s wearing an entire car, now he can represent his favorite car with the pit crew outfit!

Beautiful Mermaid

K was a mermaid two years ago, and she loved it! She still tries to squeeze into her costume since she loves to pretend she’s under the sea.

Garden Gnome

I am so in love with this costume! I’m not sure how many kids would actually go for this, but if your kid is cool enough, I applaud you.

Go team go! Cheerleader

Don’t all little girls go through the “I want to be a cheerleader!” phase?

Football Player

I guess you could choose whichever team you want, but I happen to prefer the Packers. 🙂

Taco Tuesday

Wanna taco bout how cute this costume is?!

Peace Love & Hippie

Because world peace. 

Howdy Cowboy

Can we just talk about those chaps?!

Harley Quinn

For your little DC fan!

Elvis Presley

I really think your little hunk of burning love would look amazing in this costume.

Rey from Star Wars

Can you tell I’m all for the strong, powerful female lead?

Star Wars Jedi Knight

This is TOO. CUTE. Live long and prosper, my friend. (JUST KIDDING GUYS, I know the difference.)

Cutest Witch on the Block

There are definitely some creepy witch costumes, but I was digging the sparkly fun costume instead.

Sumo Wrestler

This one may actually require that wide loan sign referenced earlier, but totally worth it.

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie

Can’t handle how adorable this My Little Pony costume is!

Max from The Secret Life of Pets

Admittedly, this movie wasn’t my favorite, but how cute is Max?!

Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow

A more traditional Halloween costume – but perfectly executed!

Stealth Ninja

YAS. Ninja warrior!


Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? If so, rock this Pocahontas costume!

Ar, Matey! Pirate

Arr you just going to stand there or are you going to order this costume?!


Because she doesn’t dress quite as provocatively as Wonder Woman but is still a beast!

Proud Soldier

Honor America this Halloween!

Greek Goddess

I can’t get over how beautiful this one is!

Super Mario

Flashback! Did anyone else love playing Super Mario Bros?!

Shark Week

Can’t. Handle. The. Cute. Left or right – when you’re this cute as a shark, it doesn’t matter!

Monarch Butterfly

K loooooves butterflies – in fact, her entire room is decorated with them. This costume is so intricate and stunning!


Why was the skeleton sad leaving the party? Because he had no *body* to dance with. 😉

Slice of Pizza

You Wanna Pizza Me?

The Flash

Reminds me of Sheldon Cooper. Every. Single. Time.

The One Scary Costume: Headless Kiddo

Yep, required a double take, didn’t it?

Bonus: Puppy Latte

I love this a latte.


I hope this provided you the inspiration necessary to pick out the perfect Halloween costume for your little one this year! If I’m missing your costume idea, please share in the comments below! I love this time of year and can’t wait to see all of your amazing photos! Stay safe trick or treating this year, and remember, have fun.


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