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Quick Tips for Taking Halloween Pics

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Halloween pictures are some of my favorite pictures to take each year.  Kids love showing off their costumes, and after all of the time and money spent on them, I love documenting them.  After all, Halloween costumes really showcase a lot about their personalities each year.  My kids have been silly, sweet, sporty, and spooky.  Sometimes, they’re even a mix of those.  They love dreaming up new ideas, and I love letting them!

Quick Tips for Taking Great Halloween Pics!

1. Take pictures before the “big day”.

The night of trick-or-treating, kids are excited, and ready to go!  The last thing they want to do is spend more than a few minutes on pictures.  If you set up a time to take pictures before your child’s Halloween party, or the night of trick-or-treating, this is actually a really fun photo shoot for kids.  They get to role play, and you get some solid pics of that costume you spent so much time and energy, or money on!

2. Full body shots are a must.

Since Halloween costumes are usually a head-to-toe get up, you’ll want to make sure you record the whole get up!

3. Don’t forget to get close-up, too!

It’s fun to make sure you get the whole costume in your images, but it’s also fun to see your kids’ facial expressions.  Be sure to take close-up shots of the details of the costume, and those sweet (or spooky) faces.  You’ll be so happy you recorded those details when you finally do get to sit down, and make those albums… in a few years!

4. Include the neighborhood kids.

I love watching the neighborhood kids grow up from year to year.  Those neighborhood kids, or the cousins that come to trick-or-treat with you, or the best friends that coordinate their costumes are part of that particular years’ experience.  Don’t forget to record that!

5. Ditch the flash.

Embracing available lighting will help set the mood for your pictures (natural is best!).  Will you end up with grainy pictures? Maybe. But that sort of sets the mood anyhow.  And there’s nothing worse than washed out kids with red eye.  You can always turn your images to black and white too if you’re not feeling the heavy grain.  This is something I do often!

How to take Great Halloween Pics of your Kids

What are your kids dressing up as this year?  Do you think you will try any of these tips?

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