If you think there’s a better way to celebrate October 31st than by eating a bunch of Halloween treats, I will fight you.

JUST KIDDING. There are plenty of other Halloween traditions you can participate in that are just as fun – trick or treating, TRUNK or treating, scary movie marathons, haunted houses, Halloween crafts, pumpkin carving… Really, the list goes on and on. Halloween can be SO FUN if you get in the spirit!

But back to my point: Halloween treats. I have been doing some major Pinteresting, as one does, and I think I have found some of the absolute BEST Halloween treats for you to bake up with your little one. Some are spooky, some are sweet; some are complex, and others are simple.

Bonus Points if you serve them on Halloween-themed serving dishes:

Halloween Treats: All You Can Eat!

These do NOT include pumpkin – there were just too many to include! I created an entirely different post for all of the delicious pumpkin recipes!

After scouring Pinterest for all of the fun Halloween treats, I finally found the best of the best! Have fun this fall by baking these fun Halloween treats! Some are spooky, some are sweet; some are complex, and others are simple! You'll love the variety and the creativity with these Halloween recipes! #halloweentreats #halloweenbaking

Halloween Candy Bark

by Savvy Saving Couple

Halloween Candy Bark with Oreos 1

Scary Halloween Monster Bites

by Gathering Dreams

These spooky little monsters are more cute than scary! They are super easy to make, vegan, healthy and delicious and are perfect as Halloween treats! Who doesn't love Halloween spiders and bats?

Creature in the Wall Halloween Cookies

by Tikkido

Candy Covered Halloween Oreos

by Sizzling Eats

Black Candy Eye Oreos

Tasty Orange Cream Filled Chocolate Zombie Brains

by Tikkido

Scary Bloody Cupcakes

by Living Sweet Moments

 Bloody Cupcakes - the perfect Halloween Treat for a party! Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream filled with strawberry coulis. Decadent and original!

Super Cute Frankenstein Jolly Rancher Suckers

by Crayons and Cravings

You don't need lightning or a fancy laboratory to make these adorable Halloween creations. These cute Frankenstein Suckers are made using Green Apple Jolly Ranchers!

Apple Cinnamon Mummy Cookies

by Blondie-ish at Kitchen

jablkovo-škoricové halloweenske múmia cookies

Ghostly Gooey Dip

by Who Needs a Cape

Having a Halloween party? You need Ghostly Gooey Dip, a sweet treat for kids of all ages. This easy to make dessert dip is great for parties.

Halloween Sopapilla Crescents®

by Who Needs a Cape

Need a fun snack for Halloween parties? Make these simple Halloween Sopapilla Crescents® with Creamy Caramel Dip! Loads of fun for the kids to help prepare.

Creepy Eyeball Treats

by Kimspired DIY

Creepy Eyeball Treats_Easy & Spooky Halloween Snacks_Halloween Party Ideas

Harvest Candy Corn Mix

by Delicious Table

Harvest Candy Corn Munch Mix dish close

Easy Mini Chocolate Donut Spiders

by Pretty My Party

Mini Chocolate Spider Donuts For Halloween

Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes With Chocolate Spiders

by Crayons and Cravings

Make Halloween spiderweb cupcakes with chocolate spiders for Halloween! Just follow this easy recipe tutorial. 

Halloween Eyeball Popcorn Balls

by Smart Savvy Living

Looking for a fun Halloween dessert recipe that's a little spooky? Check out our Halloween Eyeball Popcorn Balls recipe!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Halloween Cakes

by Delicious Table

Candy Halloween Cakes cakes on platter

Chocolate Spiders

by Home Faith Family

A fun, kid friendly Halloween recipe that you don't want to miss! These Halloween chocolate spiders require only 2 ingredients and are made in minutes. No oven cooking required. Click for your recipe! #Halloween #kidfriendlyrecipes #cooking #dessert | Halloween desserts, Halloween sweets, desserts, chocolate

Easy Vampire Donuts

by The Quiet Grove

Halloween Spider Cupcakes

by Living Sweet Moments

These delicious Halloween Spider Cupcakes are made with a yummy homemade chocolate frosting and cute candy eyes. Have the kids help you decorate the top. Yum!

Mummied Candy Bars

by Bacon is Magic

halloween treat

Mint Chocolate Graveyard Dessert Cups

by The Quiet Grove

Mint Chocolate Graveyard Dessert Cups

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats

by Saving Dollars & Sense

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats recipe

Gluten-Free Vegan Halloween Ghost Cake

by Rhian’s Recipes

Gluten-Free Vegan Halloween Ghost Cake

Flaming Ghost Tres Leches Cake

by International Desserts Blog

Easy Halloween Witch Cupcakes

by Crayons and Cravings

Witch hat cupcakes are made by topping cupcakes with sugar cones and adding detail with icing. These Halloween cupcakes will be a hit at a Halloween party.

Easy Halloween Snacks for Kids

by Plowing Through Life

halloween snacks for kids

So whether you’re mixing up something sweet for a party, for your little one’s lunchbox, for your co-workers, or just for around the house, I know you found something spooktacular in this group of Halloween treats! Let me know what you try (and what you loved!) in the comments below + if I missed one of your favorites, PLEASE share it!


PS: Have you tried our super easy DIY Mummy Water?


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