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My daughter is quite the storyteller. She has an imagination like you wouldn’t believe! She spins stories, tells tales, and creates characters with the best of them. Yet, despite her master skills, she still resents writing her stories down. That is… UNTIL…

We discovered Write and Draw Your Own Comics by Usborne Books & More!


It’s not just handwriting practice. It’s creative liberty, drawing, and storytelling. Your little one is going to be so distracted by the story that he or she won’t even realize it’s a lesson!

Write & Draw Your Own Comics

What do you need?

Write and Draw Your Own Comics book


How does it work?

The book provides a complete how-to for comic authors! There’s instruction on characters, speech bubbles, actions, and captions. To start, the book provides a basic story and allows the author to practice using speech to depict plot.

As your child practices more, the book progresses to allow for more creativity and ownership of thought. Your child can draw his own characters, establish his own timeline, and determine speech and captions to fit his plot line.

Beyond the obvious handwriting practice, creating his own comic develops storytelling skills, imagery and descriptive vocabulary, sequential thought, and creativity. It’s an exercise that truly teaches and hones your child’s skills but doesn’t feel like work at all! Win-win!

Why does it matter?

It’s important to teach your children outside of the school day – teachers aren’t the only ones responsible for your children’s development. You are too! Teach them, inspire them, and watch them grow and flourish.

You don’t have to understand the science behind raising successful children, but you should know that brilliant children don’t happen by chance. They’re encouraged, challenged, and supported at home. If you’re looking for more inspiration, we’ve provided an entire portfolio of educational games and activities to get you started at Beyond the Classroom. From Math to Reading, Writing and Science, with weekly bonus lessons in additional important topics for littles to master.

We still need to work on spelling, but her story makes sense, and her handwriting is on point.

Cat: Hey! Want to play fetch?
Dog: Yeah
Cat: *throws bone* Fetch!
Cat: *cuddles up in pet bed* Ha!
Dog: *pounces on cat with bone* Yum!
Cat: *squashed* Oh great!

Practice Handwriting with DIY Comics | Handwriting Worksheets | Fun Handwriting Activity | Handwriting Game | Practice Writing Skills | Homeschooling Activity

Practice Handwriting with DIY Comics | Handwriting Worksheets | Fun Handwriting Activity | Handwriting Game | Practice Writing Skills | Homeschooling Activity

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy of the book, a pen, and your child, and get ready for some real fun!

Drawing and writing your own comics is far more educational than watching cartoons on TV, and it’s exponentially more entertaining than standard handwriting worksheets.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your kiddo set-up with his or her own comics today!


9 Responses

  1. Kim B.

    I love this! My son loves reading and we love USBOURNE books! I will definitely have to get this for him will be great to help him express himself more as well!

  2. Dean of Little Steps

    My six-year-old will love this! She also loves to doodle a lot and make-up her own stories. This is also handy to have when travelling on a plane or train. No more I’m bored! This will keep them busy at least for a while 🙂

  3. Ash

    This is so great! My 3yr old will be starting preschool soon, and although may be too young for this quite yet it’s something I may have to get her when she gets a bit older. Thank you for sharing!


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