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Healthy Co-Parenting Begins with a Healthy You

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Are you ready for all of the drama to END? For this stepmomming life to be EASIER and more enjoyable?

The healthy relationships you crave are not out of reach, but they do begin with you! Before you can dream of a healthy co-parenting relationship, you must first work on becoming the most healthy version of you!

Easy Ways to Get Healthier this New Year

Practice Gratitude

My favorite gratitude routine is taking just a few seconds each day to verbalize 3 specific things that occurred in the last 24 hours I’m thankful for. They can’t be general like “I’m thankful for my home, my family, and my friends.” They need to be more specific like “I’m thankful for my new hot tub that provides me with an oasis I can escape after a long day, for my husband who gave me the perfect pep talk before my Facebook live video, and for all of the fun and laughter enjoyed with my best friend last night.”

Additionally, I take another 2 minutes to email, text, or Facebook message someone I’m thankful for. It’s not a lengthy message, but it just relays the sentiment that I’m grateful for you, and you enhance my life.

The mindset shift you’ll experience after practicing gratitude, even when all of the things or people you’re grateful for are unrelated to co-parenting will dramatically improve your attitude, even when it comes to your co-parents.

Recite Affirmations

Do you truly believe you can get to a place of co-parenting peace? Is your view of yourself a positive one?

A healthy self-esteem and a positive disposition can indirectly contribute to a great co-parenting relationship.

If you’ve ever struggled with insecurities or find yourself succumbing to the beliefs of that nagging, negative little voice in the back of your head, then affirmations are for you!

An affirmation is a proven method of rewiring your brain. When you change the individual thoughts, you change the thought pattern. When negativity is the main message in your brain, you’re left feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. You can rewire your brain to think positively about yourself and your situation by reciting affirmations!

We actually have an entire list of stepmom affirmations.

Forgive Wrongdoings

Where appropriate, let the past go and move forward. When you can stop focusing on what happened in the past and start focusing forward, you’ll see a dramatic shift in your mood, and subsequently, your behavior.

In certain situations, it’s not possible to just forgive and forget, but it’s always possible to forgive. Not because the other person deserves it, but because you deserve it.

You deserve to not be plagued by thoughts or hurt of past offenses. Its occurrence was enough; don’t let it continue to happen to you over and over again. Forgive. Give yourself permission to be free from that wrath and hurt.

Laugh a Little

Did you know that laughter has proven to have actual medical benefits? It decreases stress hormones and increases disease-fighting antibodies. 

It also releases endorphins into your body, which make you feel happier. And a happier you is fundamental to a happier co-parenting relationship.

So head to the comedy club, turn on a funny sitcom, or chat with your favorite jokester. Laughter is good for the soul.

Work it Out

Speaking of endorphins… Exercising regularly is SO good for you physically AND mentally. It’s like Elle Woods said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

Plus, when you take care of yourself, it increases your confidence. You feel better about who you are, the values you stand for, and the choices you make. 

All of these things contribute to you heading into your co-parenting relationship with the very best version of you.

Consume the Right Things

Giving your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs is essential for becoming the healthiest you possible. More greens, less processed food. More vitamins, less dessert.

Personally, I am a huge fan of CATALO supplements*.

CATALO is a premium, well-trusted brand in nutritional foods and supplements, with a primary focus on maternal and children’s products. The brand stands for CAre, viTAlity, and LOngevity – all of which are crucial to becoming a healthy you!

Their products are suitable for your daily nutritional needs, they don’t contain any chemicals or synthetic additives (!!!), and they meet the nutrition needs at every stage of life! All the more reason to love this line of vitamin supplements!

*All products are a natural health supplement. Not for medical use.

Healthy co-parenting begins with a healthy you! Try these 6 things this new year, and prepare to be the healthiest you for all of your blended family relationships! #stepmom #stepmomming #coparenting #blendefamily #lifeafterdivorce

No matter what has happened in the past, there’s no better time to focus forward and focus inward than now. To move past the hurt and toward peace and happiness, first focus on yourself.

It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. 


PS: Is it possible you’re sabotaging your co-parenting potential?!

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