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It’s Game Time! How to Host the Greatest Tailgate for a House Divided

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There’s an elephant in my living room this fall. It’s not acknowledged, but its existence is unavoidable.

My beloved Green Bay Packers are playing my husband’s Dallas Cowboys in TWO WEEKS. We’ll be attending the game of course – I’d never miss an opportunity to see my boys play! But someone is going to go to bed disappointed that night. One of us is going to lose.


It’s football season, y’all! I’m so excited for our game in 15 days that I’m already planning our tailgate.

Hosting The Greatest Tailgate for a House Divided

Now this won’t be your traditional tailgate with fans rallying together… this is a tailgate for a house divided.

That means twice the decorations (yay!), twice the colors (woohoo!), and twice the competition (bring it!). Here are the essentials:

1. Jerseys

Obviously, you’ll want to support your team with your fave player’s jersey.

2. Headwear

My fellow Packer fans know that there’s no tailgate if there’s no cheesehead.

3. Table

You’ll need a table (or an actual truck tailgate) for all of your food!

4. Tablecloths

I recommend one of each team’s primary color to keep it even.

5. Chairs

You won’t want to stand the entire time – especially if you’re planning on tailgating all day.

6. Music

Something loud and fun to get you pumped should definitely be playing at your tailgate. “We are the Champions” might be a fun one to stir the pot a little bit.

7. Food

We’ll be bringing our smoker with us to enjoy some delicious chicken sliders before the game. We’ll also bring chips and dip (we’re in Texas, so that means queso), and store-bought cupcakes with alternating team colors.

8. Beer

While you can definitely drink your beer straight from the can or bottle, it adds to the competitive spirit if you choose to drink it from your team’s colored cup instead. You could also grab the Bud Light NFL cans – I hear they’re a lot of fun!

9. Water

The mom in me is coming out, but I definitely encourage staying hydrated!

10. Cooler

Nothing is worse than warm beer, am I right?

11. Creative Liberty

I happen to own 3 different kinds of Packers hats, 3 pairs of Packers socks, and a pair of Packers tennis shoes. There’s no denying my allegiance. I enjoy making my outfit as obnoxious as possible, especially when our teams are playing each other.

You can also choose to decorate with signs, pictures, stats (like how the Packers have beat the Cowboys 18 times)… Get creative!

Tailgate Success

No matter who wins, if you follow these 11 tips, you’ll throw an incredible tailgate for a house divided! May the odds be ever in your team’s favor.

Look Beyond the Tailgate

What is fascinating to me is as I look at my list of tailgate essentials, many of these products are actually made from the oil and gas industry, an industry my family works for.

Think about it:

  • Jerseys and folding chairs are made from polyester.
  • Cheeseheads and shoe soles are made of rubber.
  • My tabletop, tablecloths, food containers, cooler, cups for beer, and water bottles, are all made of plastic.

It’s actually mind blowing how reliant we are on these industries, even at a tailgate! Any products made of plastic, rubber, vinyl, asphalt, or synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester are derived from petroleum. There’s an entire initiative dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of the gas and oil industries: Look Beyond. There’s even a Look Beyond Tailgate Blog! The company stands for looking beyond what you think you know about the oil and gas industries and seeing how they actually make so many things possible for us – like enjoying a football game!

Pretty awesome, huh?

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Go Pack Go!

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