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School Valentine’s Party: Make Your own Monster Valentines box

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I love decorating and crafting. If you’ve been around to read anything from Stepmomming, you’ve surely seen some of the DIY projects I love sharing. (You can check them all out here.)

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I decided it was time I helped K make an extra special school Valentines box! I’ve seen so many cool ideas on Pinterest lately – have you seen these killer crafts??

Seriously, some of them will knock your socks off.

There’s a UNICORN box and even a CAMPER box! (Those were my favorite finds.)

Since K made s’mores Valentines with Kristen this year, I thought going along with the camping/camp fire theme would be the coolest. Makes sense, right??

But, being who I am, of course I let Krista choose.

Aaaaaaand of course she wants to do something totally different. Hahaha!

She decided to make her own version of the MONSTER Valentines Box!

It was super easy, and K and I had lots of fun making it.

Here’s how:

DIY Monster Valentines Box

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(I apologize ahead of time about the photos being so dark! That’s what happens when we do crafts on school days instead of the weekend!)


Box (doesn’t have to have a lid)

Craft paper and/or construction paper

Mod Podge and Glue


Googly eyes

Pom poms (optional)

Glitter (optional)


Step 1

Cover the inside of the box with craft paper.

I love this floral paper I used previously for the DIY chore charts, so of COURSE I used it again for this.

It’s a little tricky to fit it in just right, but with a little maneuvering and scissor work, you can get it done. And since it’ll be slightly hidden, perfection isn’t necessary.

Step 2

Measure and cut out a bottom square in the color of your choice.

Then use your mod podge and glue that sucker on!

Step 3

Before you cover the sides, you might want to add the mouth/gum construction paper.

I ripped up the paper because I thought it looked better than a clean scissor cut. Just make sure the paper is long enough to cover each of the four sides.

Also, the strips should be wide enough so that you can bend them to hand over the edge, and still be able to glue them down securely with mod podge.

Step 4

Now measure and cut more construction paper for the sides of the box.

Break out the mod podge again! Glue all the sides down.

Step 5

Now it’s teeth time! Whip out some white construction paper and cut out lots of teeth.

K loved doing this part. There’s no need for any of them to be perfect, just let your littles go to town cutting out triangles.

Now use some glue or mod podge to attach all the monster teeth.

Step 6

Your monster needs eyeballs!

I cut out a small section of purple construction paper for the eyes.

Just glue it at the top of one of the four sides.

Step 7

Googly eyes!

We all know monsters have no limit on the number of eyes they need. This is another step where you littles can just go crazy!

Step 8

Pom poms and glitter! (Optional, of course.)

Decorate your Valentines box however you want.

And voila! Your very own Monster Valentines Box!

Apparently these monster boxes are pretty popular among the kiddos. Well, at least with my little they are!

Have you tried Monster boxes before?


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