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The Mom Jackpot of Comfy and Fashionable with Reebok Trilux Shoes

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This week for my Friday Favorites Feature, I want to focus on a seriously amazing shoe I found. If you’re looking for that magical blend of “hot mom” while still being comfortable without looking like a “hot mess,” then trust me, you need the Reebok Trilux in your life.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I’m all in favor of these shoes for all the mamas!

The Mom Jackpot of Comfy and Fashionable with Reebok Trilux Shoes

Comfort First

I’m a working mom, and I’m always tired. No, really. Always. I wake up tired. I work 40-50 hours per week at my corporate job, I work 30 hours per week on the blog, and in my “free time,” I spend every second I can with my family! Because I’m constantly on-the-go, it is absolutely imperative that I wear comfortable shoes. These Reebok Women’s Trilux Run Training Shoes are perfect for all of you busy mamas. They’re comfortable and suitable for wearing at home or on the go. This shoe is perfect for everyday wear, especially with these spring days ahead!

The top part of the shoe is mesh, so your foot can breathe (you’re welcome!) and the shoe molds to your foot shape. You guys, the sole is basically a pillow. It’s actually carbon-rubber, but you get my point, right? Comfy AF.

Fashion Second

Okay, but seriously – aren’t these shoes SO CUTE?! The design is ridiculously sleek, and I love the color scheme; it doesn’t scream “Look at me!” but is still super fashionable. It would make me turn my head for sure.

And they’re so versatile! I’ve already paired them with yoga pants, jeans, workout capris, and shorts. They look great with everything! If that’s not a mom win, then your priorities are out of whack. Just kidding – no mom shaming here! 🙂

What are you waiting for?

You deserve to spoil yourself this Mother’s Day. Whether that’s with a pair of shoes or another article of clothing that makes you feel good! To care for those around you, you must care for yourself. Head to Academy Sports and grab yourself some Reebok Trilux shoes – and get a pair for another mama in your life (because we’re all a little underappreciated)! After you grab these dream shoes, you can always continue spoiling yourself by:

  • Buying new socks to go with your shoes
  • Walking around the mall shopping in your new shoes
  • Taking your new shoes off for a spa day or pedicure
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How do you plan on treating yourself this Mother’s Day? Tell me all about it in the comments section!


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