SST Pre-Launch Survey

The Successful Stepmom’s Toolbelt is almost ready to launch…

And we need YOUR help!

We’re very close to finishing our long-awaited value-packed bundle for the Stepmomming community. It has been a huge project and contains many exclusive & amazing resources we’re excited to share with you.

It will be released on July 16th, 2018 and available 5 days only through July 20th. The entire bundle will be solely focused on helping stepmoms overcome real daily-life challenges and start to see huge strides of improvement in their family relationships. 

It is going to be a complete brain dump of everything that we and many other step parenting experts know about including cultivating healthy relationships, setting boundaries, successful co-parenting, meditation & mindfulness training, and much much more! 

However, we need your help. Before we finalize everything there are really only two things we want to ask you… 

Simply fill out this super quick survey and let your voice be heard on behalf of all stepmoms!

Fill out my Wufoo form!

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