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Starbucks-Inspired Holiday Drink Recipes

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Red cups are out, Christmas trees are up, and holly jolly music is playing on the radio and in every department store. It makes me so happy! Christmas season is easily my favorite of the entire year. It’s a time filled with my favorite sounds, smells, and people! I have mentioned before that I have a very extended family, which requires so many weekends back-to-back of Christmas celebrations. It’s the best!

One of my very favorite parts of the holidays is the taste of Christmastime. Peppermint, eggnog, gingerbread, and chestnut – oh my! It just tastes like winter! One of my very favorite memories growing up is drinking hot chocolate with my mom and sister on cold winter nights.

Starbucks-Inspired Holiday Drink Recipes

I’ll be very honest with you that I have a slight Starbucks obsession. At one point, I went 4-5 times per week; at that time, I was also working 15 hour days and taking Masters classes online at night so don’t judge too hard. But it’s definitely still a favorite treat of mine today, despite my newfound work/life balance.

However if I had a way to make the drinks at home instead of splurging $5 everyday, I could treat myself more often! Hence, the following list of recipes for homemade Starbucks-inspired holiday drinks.

The Proper Machinery

The key to making a latte, cappuccino, or other wonderful coffee treat is an espresso machine! Depending on how often you’ll use it, the savings can add up really quickly. Amazon has some really great models from super fancy to super basic to fit every budget and need. I’m personally not too picky – if it does the job, I’m all for it. But I have friends that have the Cadillac of espresso machines and swear by them.

I’m so excited to hear how much you love these recipes and how you reinvested your prior coffee budget. Did you chose to donate to one of these great causes? Or pamper yourself with a little me time? Better yet, did you purchase a Christmas gift for your stepchild’s mom?

Tell me more!

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