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What is the Stepfamily Summit?

  • 9 mini courses from some of the industry’s leading coaches & influencers
  • topics include childless stepmotherhood, co-parenting, communication, conflict resolution, and self-care
  • tangible action items to help you move forward & find joy through the trials
  • unique perspectives you can relate to
  • videos in each module to guide you through the content easily and effortlessly
  • PDF downloads to support each module
  • only available for sale until March 15th!
  • save $5 with code STEPMOMMING

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I’m Kristen! I’ve been in a stepfamily my entire life, so I thought I was absolutely prepared to be a stepmom. Turns out, I had no idea what I was signing up for!

I’ve been running for more than 3 years, and it’s my mission to provide comfort and guidance to overwhelmed stepmoms by giving them the tools and inspiration they need to overcome insecurities and discontentment.

We show them that stepmomming is what they do and not who they are, encouraging them to embrace their unique roles and truly love their lives.


This BRAND-NEW 4-part series designed by Kristen Skiles of Stepmomming will transform the struggling childless stepmom’s life. Each module contains video content with supplemental workbook activities to help you implement the lessons.


Let’s dive into the complicated feelings of a childless stepmom & how to overcome them.


We’ll talk through dealing with second wife insecurities & coping with the fact you missed out on some of your partner’s “firsts.”


There are two types of reactions when someone says you’re not a “real” mom and we’ll address them both. We’re also going to discuss strategies for approaching the “ours” baby conversation.


It’s common for childless stepmoms to experience an identity crisis when they haven’t prioritized self-care and couple-care. Let’s fix that!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this one big course? Or a bunch of different courses?

Great question! This is a collection of 9 different mini-courses from 9 different experts! It covers a variety of topics and perspectives.

What topics are covered?

SO MANY! This is an incredibly well-rounded group of courses.

You already know Kristen Skiles from Stepmomming is sharing all of her advice for childless stepmoms.

Ashley Machele from Our Splendid Life is going to teach about parenting with a plan, shifting your perspective, communication, transition tools, mindset, and self-care.

Naja Hall from Blended and Black, VIP Stepmom, and I Know I’m Crazy! podcast, is sharing her best tips for conflict resolution.

Lauren McKinley from Her Soul Repair is teaching about showing up and leaving the past where it belongs. 

Laura Epstein from Millennial Stepmom shares her perspective on being a stepmom.

The Relationship Recovery teaches on co-parenting.

Instant Blended Family shares solutions for stepmoms, including awareness of triggers, validation of feelings, and self-care.

The Stepqueen shares strategies for minding your thoughts.

Hello Divorce provides insight on love after divorce and goal-setting.

How do I purchase just the Childless Stepmom Academy?

Unfortunately, that’s not an option at this time. This is a brand new course created exclusively for inclusion in the Stepfamily Summit that would easily sell for $49 on its own.

The Childless Stepmom Academy may be available at a later date as its own product, but that’s not guaranteed.

Are there any coupons?

Yes! Use code STEPMOMMING to save $5.

Do I have to watch it this week?

NO! You have lifetime access to all of the products! You can watch and work through them whenever your schedule allows.

Are these all digital products?

Yes! You’ll receive instant access to the videos, PDF downloads, and incredible stepfamily information as soon as you sign up!

Did I already buy this?

While some of the content may have appeared elsewhere before individually, this exact bundle of courses has never before been offered. PLUS, the Childless Stepmom Academy is brand spankin’ new and has never, ever seen the light of day before!

This seems too good to be true–is this quality information?

The courses included in this bundle are real courses that are able to be sold individually. They were written by professional bloggers, authors, and coaches. These people really know their stuff, and they are people you WANT to learn from!

There’s too much information! How can I avoid being overwhelmed?

I will be totally honest and admit that is the part I like the least about this summit–it is almost too much of a good thing! There is so much information that it can seem completely daunting. But here’s the thing, it’s not possible that all of these resources are relevant to where you are on your journey right now. Some of these are really going to speak to you, and some won’t right now. But it really only takes 1-2 resources that you will actually use to start saving money, and then you can save the rest for later down the road when you encounter a new obstacle!

How soon do I have to order?

ASAP! This special summit will only be available for one week, March 9-15, 2020. Don’t miss your chance!

How do I receive my bonus?

Kristen will email you your bonus access information by March 21st to the email address you registered with!




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