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It’s 2019! What a Year We’ve Had!

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Happy new year, Mama!

What an incredible journey we’ve been on in the last 365 days! Did you know that today marks 1 year since I officially launched the Stepmomming brand?!

I’d love to reflect on some of the greatest happenings in our latest trip around the sun, make some exciting announcements, and provide a few sneak peeks into what we have planned for 2019!

Blended Family Resources: The best of Stepmomming blog in 2018 and what to look forward to in 2019! You'll be surprised by some of the most loved, most hated, and most underrated articles of the year! And you'll love what we have in store for you in the new year! #stepmomming #stepmom #stepparenting

2018 Fast Facts

Number of Users that Visited Stepmomming.com in 2018: More than 300,000!

Annual Pageviews: More than 525,000! Basically double the year prior! There were more than 7,500 pageviews on our single biggest day this year!

Number of Social Media Followers: More than 21,500! Facebook alone saw 603% growth!

Number of Members in our Private Facebook Communities: almost 6,000! (5,585 in Stepmomming Ain’t Easy and 386 in The Co-Parenting Challenge)

Number of Email Subscribers: 4,717

Number of Podcast Interviews: 2 (Blended Family Podcast and It Takes a Village Podcast)

Number of Articles Posted: 97 (Darn! Should have pushed 3 more out!)

Number of Guest Posters: 9! WOW!

Number of Volunteer Moderators that have Helped with our Facebook Community: 9 (HUGE shoutout to Rusha, Ashley, Emily, Jenni, Kristina, Brittany, Kait, Amy, and Tabitha!)

Number of Team Members Hired: 3!

July 1: Ashley, Content Manager

November 27: Emily, Membership Manager

December 1: Kristina, Social Media Manager

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It’s 2019! What’s New?

New Look of Stepmomming

New Stepmomming Mission

We provide comfort and guidance to overwhelmed stepmoms by giving them the tools and inspiration they need to overcome insecurities and discontentment. We show them that stepmomming is what they do and not who they are, encouraging them to embrace their unique roles and truly love their lives.

New Stepmomming Vision

To ensure no stepmom feels like she’s doing this alone, to reverse the negative association with the word stepmom, and to provide stepmoms with the tools they need to THRIVE instead of merely survive.

What to Look Forward to in 2019

  • MORE content! We’ll continue to post twice a week, Tuesday and Friday.
  • MORE collaborations! There are some exciting partnerships already in the works.
  • MORE focus on each aspect of stepmom life! Because we believe that stepmomming is what you do, not who you are, we’ll be sharing more about every part of stepmom life.
  • MORE products to help you get organized and make sense of this crazy blended family life!
  • MORE interaction! We’ll be going live in our Facebook community Stepmomming Ain’t Easy once per week, and I already have a Dallas stepmoms night out in the planning stages!

We Need Your Help!

Help us improve Stepmomming to meet your needs this year!

It has been a pleasure to serve you the last two years, and I can’t wait to see how we’ll grow together in 2019!


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