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We’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

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I’m so excited to share that we’ve been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by HippieDippieMom! The Sunshine Blogger Award is given from bloggers to other bloggers who are creative, positive and inspiring.

Once nominated, the blogger is required to write a post where they:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated them and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask 11 new questions.
  • Notify your nominees and create/display a Sunshine Blogger Award logo in the post.

Blogging has become such a passion of mine. I love writing, and I love helping others. This is so much more than a job or hobby for me; it’s a lifestyle. I am constantly thinking of ways to make the blog better and to reach more people. This nomination means so much to me, and I’m excited to nominate other bloggers that are clearly passionate about making a difference!

My Questions and Answers

1. What does your average day look like?

Because no 2 days are the same during the summer for us, I’ll walk you through an average school day for me. I wake up about 6:15 and get K up, pick out her clothes for the day, then set her off to do her morning chores and get ready for school. I’ll drop her off at school then head into work. On my lunch break, I’ll either grab a bite to eat with my hubby or head to the gym for a quick workout. I’ll pick K up from school and help her with her homework. We’ll either watch a movie as a family or play a game together. I’ll make dinner, and then K will get her pajamas on. She’ll grab our current installment of The Boxcar Children series, and we’ll snuggle up and read for about half an hour before Daddy and I tuck her into bed. I usually work on the blog for about an hour, and then hubby and I get some Netflix and chill time to unwind from the day. Our current binge show is How I Met Your Mother. 🙂

2. How long have you been blogging?

Since January! So… a very short six months!

3. What’s a fun fact that not many people know about you?

I’m actually pretty talented at acting. I’ve performed since I was in middle school, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I actually thought about getting into a local theatre group and auditioning! But… #momlife and such.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

I’d move back to California in a heartbeat if I could! Ooh or St. John! That’s where I got married, and it’s absolutely one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever visited. I love being near the ocean; the sound of the waves rolling in calms me so completely.

5. What’s your favorite part about blogging?

Helping people! I’ve gotten countless private messages from women I’ve helped with my message as a stepmom, and there’s really nothing like it. Wives have used my words to convey their feelings to their husbands. Stepmoms have used my words to relay their struggles to their stepchildren’s mothers. Women struggling with daddy issues have found solace in my words. Knowing that I am helping others makes it so much easier to be vulnerable and share my stories with all of you.

6. If you had unlimited money, what would you do?

There’s SO much. First, I’d invest as much as I could in researchers to find a cure for cancer. The disease has taken far too much already. Second, I’d purchase a castle for my family. Can you tell we’ve been watching Beauty and the Beast? We’d probably also buy some vacation homes around the world (unlimited money!). Third, I’d invest in my businesses: this blog, my tutoring company, and my husband’s real estate investment company. Fourth, I’d send my stepdaughter to the best school out there. Finally, I’d give back. I have many nonprofits close to my heart already, but I’d also research other worthy causes.

7. What’s one thing you’ve recently checked off your ‘bucket list’?

The trip hasn’t happened yet, but my husband and I are officially planning a trip to Green Bay to watch the Packers play at Lambeau Field later this year! Once that happens, it’ll be a huge item on my bucket list crossed off!

8. What are you working on currently for your blog? 

We just launched our Mott’s giveaway which was a really big project for us. Amanda is hard at work on our Busy Mama Coloring Planner, which will be launching next month. I’m currently working on quite a few collaborations with other bloggers! I’m also slowly but surely making progress on a book I’m writing about communicating with your stepchild’s mom.

9. What’s your favorite breakfast? 

I’m currently going through a random biscuits and gravy phase, but I also live by the notion that you can’t go wrong with pancakes.

10. What do you do to relax? 

Hang out on the beach, go get mani/pedis with my sister, chat over a glass of wine with my friends, go on a date with my hubby, and hang out with my kiddo. Just taking a step away from work helps me to relax!

11. What inspires you? 

Kindness. Beauty. Simplicity. Hard work. Persistence. Dedication. The ocean. My stepdaughter and my husband. Each of my nominees below 🙂

My 11 nominees

I’ve nominated 11 of my favorite stepmom and co-parenting blogs to keep the positivity going in our circle. You women amaze me!

In alphabetical order because I refuse to play favorites:

Blended and Black


Divorced Girl Smiling

Gradybird Blog

Social Stepmom


The I Have Series

The Inclusive Stepmom

The Joyful Stepmom

This Life in Progress

This Unexpected Love

Now it’s their turn to share the love! They’ll answer my 11 questions, nominate 11 other bloggers, and then ask them 11 questions! Let’s keep the circle of positivity going.

My 11 questions

  1. What is your favorite part of blogging in the stepparenting/co-parenting realm?
  2. What made you want to start blogging about something so personal?
  3. What’s the hardest topic you’ve chosen to write about?
  4. Are there days you step back from your co-parenting role? What does that look like to you?
  5. What is your favorite part about co-parenting?
  6. What is the message you want to share with the world?
  7. What is your personal motto?
  8. What’s a fun fact very few know about you?
  9. What’s your favorite article you’ve ever written?
  10. Have you created any products for your readers?
  11. What’s your next big blog project?
Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you to all working to change the co-parenting standard and set a better example!


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