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Professionally Whiten Your Teeth at Home for FREE! Win a $75 Gift Card!

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Are you a busy woman, mama? I know I sure am. And maybe that’s why mamas like us find it hard to take the time out of our busy schedules to take care of our smiles. It’s hard for us to make time for ourselves when everyone else in our family needs our attention. Babies, businesses, your daughter’s dance class, your son’s soccer games, work, school, a husband who wants to spend time together, play-dates… I mean, to-do lists NEVER END!

We may decide hair appointments are important enough to set aside time for, and we may even love indulging in manicures or pedicures, but dentist appointments specifically for high-priced (and painful!) teeth whitening sessions? Yeah right.

The truth is, I am too busy to squeeze that kind of extra time and money into our normal schedule. And I’m tired. And I love to drink coffee. Seriously. Like, Gilmore-girl-level addiction. (I don’t know how to function without it!) Unfortunately for me, this means I’m stuck with inevitable coffee stains on my teeth. That, combined with not brushing as often as I probably should, plus all the other foods I consume on the daily, didn’t leave me with a very white smile.

Here is my before picture:

And do you know how I feel about having yellow teeth?

Well, when I took my “before” picture, I browsed through selfies I had taken in the past and noticed that… I rarely ever showed my teeth! Seriously!

I have a really big smile when I’m genuinely happy, and when I laugh (which is often), and throwing yellow teeth in the mix really hurts the self-confidence.

But what’s a girl to do when you don’t want to spend $500+ on a dentist teeth whitening appointment that you don’t have time for in the first place??

Smile Brilliant‘s Professional Teeth Whitening

Have you heard of Smile Brilliant? If this is the first time you’ve heard the name, don’t feel bad – I hadn’t either when they first contacted us at Kandy Apple Mama. They’re a company specializing in at-home teeth whitening kits. According to their website, they’ve “solved the yellow teeth dilemma” that so many of us face. They create custom whitening trays cheaper and faster than your dentist, backed by research, and developed by dental professionals. With professional grade whitening products that you can use to whiten at home!

Pretty impressive, huh?

I was happy to try their products out for myself and see just how truthful all their amazing reviews are! (Check out their reviews for yourself.) So Smile Brilliant offered our team kits to try for ourselves. Keep reading to see what I discovered.

At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening – at Home!

If you’ve ever had professional teeth whitening done, you’ll know how time consuming – and painful! – those dentist visits can be. I don’t know about you mamas, but when it comes to time, I don’t have a lot of extra to spend going to the dentist to whiten my teeth. Personally, I much prefer being able to do it from the comfort of home. And on my own time! Which is one of the most awesome aspects of Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening products. No need to schedule an appointment during normal business hours – whiten your teeth whenever you have time! (Even late at night while you read before bed!)

While I have tried other at home whitening products from the grocery store that were super cheap, I never got the results I desired. And whatever whitening I did get, was so hard to maintain! Knowing that Smile Brilliant’s products are at a professional level, I knew that wouldn’t be the case this time. They’re adamant that their whitening system is exactly what you get at the dentist’s office. So I was super eager to get started!

(Try these amazing at-home teeth whitening kits for yourself by visiting Smile Brilliant online, adding a teeth whitening kit to your cart, and using the coupon code KANDYAPPLEMAMA when you checkout for 10% OFF.)

Using the Whitening Kit

I was hopeful that Smile Brilliant was going to help me strengthen my self-confidence again, so when my whitening kit came, I was SO excited!! I had never used anything like it before.

The kit included easy to follow instructions, starting from the mold making process, all the way to getting and maintaining the results you want.

Step 1. Make your molds.

Teeth Tray Molds

This is where you’ll mix the white and blue putty pastes together and fit them into your impression tray. Make sure you’re only doing one at a time!! Once the blue and white together turns completely blue (no white streaks) fit it in the tray. The mold will harden quickly, so don’t take your time. (Make sure you’re doing this in front of a mirror!!!) Press the tray into your mouth, placing three fingers on either side for even pressure.

Make sure that as you press the trays onto your teeth, you do not wiggle the mold. If you do, it may not make a perfect impression, and you’ll have to try all over again. The kit includes 3 sets of putty paste, so messing up once is fine. However, if you mess up again, you’ll need to ask Smile Brilliant to send you more putty. They’ll happily send you more, but I would hate to have to wait even longer to get started!!

Keep the tray in your mouth for at least 2 minutes, 30 seconds.

Step 2. Mail them in.

Leave the molds in their trays! Let them sit for at least 30 minutes, then rinse them off with cool water. Place both upper and lower impressions inside the pre-paid envelope Smile Brilliant includes in the kit. Now ship them off!

Smile Brilliant will receive your molds in 3-4 days. They’ll make your trays, and send them back within 5 business days. The awesome part is, you’ll get an email when they receive your impressions and when they’ve shipped, so you know exactly when they’re on the way!


Step 3. Get busy whitening!

They say the best time to whiten is before bed, but the beauty of at-home treatments is that you can do them whenever you find time!

Make sure you brush and floss first, with water only – the fluoride in toothpaste acts like a barrier that you don’t want. Twist the tip off of a whitening gel syringe and squeeze a thin line of gel around the outer edge of each custom-fit tray. Press them onto your teeth and use a q-tip or paper towel to wipe away any extra that squeezes outside of the trays.

Leave the trays in for up to 3 hours. Try working your way up to this time frame, otherwise your teeth may become too sensitive. Mine did! I tried leaving them in for an hour the first time and my teeth became super sensitive. So I skipped a day and tried shorter lengths of time instead, working my way up to 2 hours.

Now take them out and brush your teeth like normal! You’ll also want to rinse and dry your trays as well.

whitening and desensitizing gel

Step 4. Don’t forget the desensitizing gel.

If you have ever had sensitive teeth before – Do not skip this part! Even if you think “oh my teeth are fine, I don’t need that”. The desensitizing gel is important. Not only does it keep your teeth from being overly sensitive (so you can still eat! lol) but it also seals your whitening job. Smile Brilliant offers some kits without the desensitizing gel, but from my experience, I highly recommend sticking with one that includes it!

Apply a thin line around the outer edge of your trays. This gel comes out fast so be careful!

Leave the trays on your teeth for 15-20 minutes, but once you remove them, don’t eat, drink, or brush for at least 30 minutes!

Step 5. Maintain.

They say most people require 7-14 applications to get to the whiteness they want, but Smile Brilliant gives you a lot of extra syringes (each one lasts 3-4 treatments) so that you can continue to whiten for weeks to come, and so you can maintain it once you reach your desired results.

My Results

After using the Smiles Brilliant at-home teeth whitening kits for a couple weeks, I’d say that so far I am SUPER happy with my results!! No more coffee or food stains!! I don’t even remember ever having teeth this white before.

I’ll continue to use the whitening and desensitizing gel I have left to improve and maintain my pearly whites.

And it’s perfect timing too, because we’re about to have pictures done this weekend! I’m gonna love these perfectly white teeth in all those family pictures.

*Get these results for yourself by ordering Smile Brilliant’s Teeth Whitening Kit , and be sure to use coupon code KANDYAPPLEMAMA for 10% off!*

What I Really Think

In my honest opinion, Smile Brilliant has everything you want in a teeth whitening kit.

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Quick turn around time
  • Professional quality products
  • Cheaper than the dentist
  • The flexibility to whiten at home
  • Extra product to maintain results

So if you’re ever looking to get whiter teeth, whether for professional photos, a wedding, an on-stage appearance, or a video cameo, Smile Brilliant, in my opinion, is the way to go.

I cannot wait to have our pictures done on Sunday!!!


That’s right mama, now you get to try Smile Brilliant’s products, too!

We’re partnering up with the company to give 1 lucky mama reader a $75 gift card to use towards a Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit.

Win a gift card, order your kit, and get the brilliantly white smile you know you want. 😉


If you want results right away, order your teeth whitening kit now using the coupon code KANDYAPPLEMAMA for 10% OFF!

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Enjoy your whiter teeth, mama!


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