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Simple and Fun Ways to Learn About the Human Body

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Happy Science Saturday, mama!

In honor of the last Science Saturday in our long list of sneaky mom tricks to make your kids love learning – we’re exploring the human body.

Did you ever sing “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” to your little ones? I remember reciting it myself as a kid, and using it again with my own children. It’s a cute way to get kids into learning the parts of their body. But what about inside of their bodies?

As parents, we want our children to have every possible opportunity in life – opportunities to live, learn, love – everything! We want them to learn more than we ever did, and be more successful for it. I know that’s what I want! So if I want my girls to learn about what’s going on inside their bodies, how do I teach them? It’s not like we can just cut a body open to check it out. (I’m pretty sure they’d be traumatized if we ever tried.)

There are actually an amazing number of toys, apps, and books available to teach little ones about the human body. While K obsessed over her Human Body app and Human Body book, I found myself pretty excited about all the anatomy models on Amazon.

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Human Anatomy Models

I mean, aren’t these so cool??

Anatomy Models Bundle Set – $42.28

Each model comes apart into different pieces. Your child can take apart and put back together their human body structures all they like. This set is small and less expensive, so it’d be perfect for use at home. The ones they use in classes and for college are considerably bigger and much more expensive.

The Human Body by TinyBop

This fun little app has captivated my oldest daughter’s attention for quite some time. Whether we’re in the store and she’s sitting in the cart wanting to play on my phone, or being rewarded with an hour on her tablet, The Human Body is one of her favorite games.

It has all the different layers of body systems – skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and immune. You can look at all of them at once, or one at a time. They’re even interactive!

Want to learn about the digestive system? Feed your human a carrot! Watch it work its way through all the way to the end. Complete with sound effects. Ha! (And of course this would be her favorite part.)

If you’re looking to learn about how the bones work, you can actually take your person apart. They’ll soon realize that an arm without bones isn’t really an arm at all – just skin and muscle!

The app will even teach you how physical activity affects your heart rate. Going into the circulatory section, there’s a button to make your human run. As the running gets faster, the heart beats quicker to move more blood along.

There is so much your child can learn from the Human Body app! I was happily impressed and even explored it myself. The only improvement I and many other parents have wished for are narrations or some kind of explanation or definition of body parts and their functions. Since that wasn’t happening, K moved on to books to learn more.

Shine-A-Light Book: The Human Body

Usborne books is our absolute favorite brand of books to buy for our girls. (Seriously, no other one compares!) They actually have quite the assortment of children’s books covering the human body. You can check out their whole list here. But K’s favorite is her Shine-A-Light book.

When Kristen got Shine-A-Light: The Human Body for K, she was so excited about it, she just had to tell me about how it worked over the phone! On each page, you can shine a flashlight or phone light through to see a double picture. Each page tells you about different parts and systems of the human body and what they’re for. It’s super informative and really good about focusing on specific parts in relation to everyday lives.

You can check it out for yourself in this neat video:

Easy Learning

When teaching about the human body, it’s easy to squeeze in fun ways to learn when there are so many different approaches you can take! From interactive reading, to apps that approach it as a game, to miniature human bodies you can take apart and put back together again.

Keep it simple, keep it fun, and kids will only want to learn MORE!

Have fun mamas!

PS: Amazon has a plethora of fun science-y toys and games for kids of all ages. And just recently, I learned they have a monthly membership for a STEM Club! If you sign up, each month Amazon will mail you a package with a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math toy, game or experiment to encourage your child’s love of learning. And what’s even better? They make sure whatever they’re sending you is age appropriate for your child. We are totally signing K up for it this summer! If you care to join us, sign up for Amazon’s STEM Club Subscription.

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