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The Perfect Lunchbox Surprise: Unicorn Sandwiches

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I love packing sweet surprises in my little one’s lunchbox. I always include a note on her napkin with either a joke, a confidence-building reminder, or a funny drawing. Occasionally, a favorite snack or dessert will make an appearance. At one point, we even invested in a set of lunchbox jokes for kids we found on Amazon!

So when I found this large unicorn cookie cutter at Michael’s, I knew I HAD to grab it! It makes the cutest, most magical sandwiches in all the lunchroom, and K was SO surprised!

The Perfect Lunchbox Surprise: Unicorn Sandwiches

What You Need!

It’s so simple you’ll think this tutorial isn’t necessary, I promise!

Just grab:

  • Unicorn Cookie Cutter
  • 2 Slices of Bread
  • Your Favorite Sandwich Filler!

1. Simply make your sandwich how you normally would! Then place your unicorn cookie cutter on top of your sandwich.

2. Press down really hard to make that perfect unicorn. Be careful when removing the left over bread from the cookie cutter. You don’t want to end up ripping part of your Unicorn Sandwiches.

3. And just like that you have Unicorn Sandwiches. Princess approved & easy peasy enough for mom to actually make!

Now, I’m not saying you’re going to get Mom of the Year because you made these sandwiches… but I’m also not NOT saying that.

Take the extra 60 seconds and cut the sandwich. Your kids will remember the silly things you did to make them smile, and looking back, you won’t remember all of the time you wasted on cutting unicorn sandwiches or writing lunch notes on napkins. You’ll remember having fun and enjoying life with your kiddos.

Here’s to a magical lunch!

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