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20 Weird but Genius Products For Busy Mamas Like You

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Sometimes while perusing the online shelves of Amazon, I’ll come across something that looks so ridiculous I have no idea why people would purchase it. That is, until I read the reviews. Many of those crazy products are actually really useful to busy mamas like you and me! So of course I had to compile my favorites into a list to share with you. If you can get past how they look, they could save you a lot of time!

20 Weird but Genius Products for Busy Mamas

Happy Mat – One-piece silicone placemat + plate

This weird looking placemat for kids makes cleanup a breeze with plate and placemat in one.

FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator

Isn’t the thought of sucking the snot out of your baby’s nose completely disgusting? And yet, it works.

Bobalong Bottle Holder

Need your hands free? Strap that bottle or pacifier to your baby and get sh*t done!

SWOOP® Bag Original Toy Storage Bag + Play mat

In one fell swoop you can clean up the legos and other toys after the kids are done playing – with the swoop bag!

Brilliant Backseat Baby Reminder System for Cars

It’s a sad reality that mothers and fathers run the risk of leaving their sleeping babes in the car. Prevent yourself from ever becoming an infamous headline with this alarm.

Lil Rinser Splashguard

My youngest absolutely hates getting water on her face. This splashguard for rinsing kids’ hair out will make bath time a breeze.

BabyDam Bathtub Divider

Stop wasting water filling up the entire tub when your baby takes a bath! Oh – and you can crawl in the dry side with them.

Baby Mop – the jumpsuit that cleans your floor!

Not sure how hygenic this would be for your baby… but it sure would make cleaning the house easier if the baby could help too!

My Carry Potty Seat Kids Toilet Training Ring

Toting your toddler around on errands is so much more difficult when he or she is potty training. (I remember the days when I had to turn K around to face the wall so she wouldn’t fall in the toilet.) Save yourself time and energy by bringing the potty with you!

Firstergo Boy & Girl Reusable Portable Camping Car Travel Urinal

On a road trip and need somewhere to pee? The travel urinal is great for everyone… apparently!

Leyaron Faucet Extender

Instead of hoisting your little one up on your knee and bringing them up to the faucet, why not bring the faucet to him? Pair this faucet extender with a step stool and your kids will have washing hands covered! No more excuses!

Magic Toilet Motion Activated Sensor Toilet Night Light

For late night potty sessions where your little one just can’t wait for you. Get the potty night light so he can see enough to go by himself!

Honeypie Baby Bottle Holder (For Wide Neck Bottles)

Before baby is able to hold the bottle on her own, this bottle holder should make things easier.

EUBUY Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps Safety Helmet

Save yourself the time of running to your little walker’s aid every second she might tumble. This cushioned baby helmet will keep her safe and your mind at ease. Boom!

Boxum Baby 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet, Diaper Bag and Change Station

Going shopping somewhere that won’t have a baby changing station? I’ve been there. But with the portable diaper changing station, it won’t matter! Change your baby anywhere any time.

LED Nursing Light and Hands Free Headlamp

Does turning on the nightstand lamp keep you up too late? Use this Hands Free Headlamp and Nursing Light instead. Keep the lights dim and your baby fed.

Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle 8 oz.

Stop wasting time mixing your baby’s formula every time he needs a bottle and get a bottle that mixes itself!

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer

Take your little one’s temperature with ease just by popping a binky in her mouth. Easy peasy.

Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra

I could hardly believe how many mamas actually use this milk machine bra! Seriously. At work, at home, while doing laundry, or computer work – pump for baby and keep your hands free!

Shemergency Survival Kit

For beauty blunders, fashion faux pas, mani-pedi predicaments, and more – you’ll need the Shemergency kit! Something all women need, but especially mamas.

Weird but Genius Items Every Mom Needs | Mom Hacks | Mommyhood

Mamas are so busy these days, we need all the help we can get! No matter how strange looking.

Do you know any weird but genius products you’d recommend to your fellow mama friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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