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Stepmom in the Shadows

Stepmom in the Shadows

It's easy to feel overlooked or underappreciated as a stepmom - to feel like a "stepmom in the shadows." One stepmom bares her soul through the personal poem reprinted below with permission.If you find your...
attitude of gratitude

Developing an Attitude of Stepmom Gratitude

Developing an Attitude of Stepmom Gratitude We’re all familiar with the difficulties that sometimes come along with our everyday lives as stepmoms - even something simple like a parent/teacher conference can e...

Stepmom Affirmations: You Deserve Happiness

You deserve happiness. Do you know that? Deep down in your gut, do you believe it? With periodic recitation of these stepmom affirmations, not only will you begin to believe you deserve happiness, but you'll be...


Business Card Holder DIY

Get Noticed: DIY Real Estate Business Card Holder

Whether you have business cards set out in your store, in a friend's business, or at a craft fair, the most eye catching part can be the piece many people overlook---the business card holder, itself. My fiancé...