Coaching Client Results

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Hear what other stepmoms have to say about their experience:

Carrie H.

Being a part of the Stepmomming group coaching was an amazing experience. Being able to connect with other stepmoms (Kristen, included!) was so relieving because we often feel alone in our struggles. Once I began noticing a lot of common themes among other stepmoms, I felt as though I could finally breathe. Not only did we receive amazing feedback and suggested advice from Kristen about those struggles, other stepmoms were able to also speak their thoughts and give ideas of coping mechanisms that they found worked for them. We even laughed together with how ridiculous parts of this journey is! I whole heartedly recommend this program to ANY stepmom!

Stepmom N.

I am so grateful this group exists. Hearing the new members share reminds me of how far I’ve come in just a few months with support from this group. You’ve really done a phenomenal job [creating] something that helps so many women. #grateful ♥️


I cannot stress enough how much Kristen helped me! I was hesitant to reach out as I’m in year 7 as a stepmom. I mean, at some point time will heal, right? I was tired of my husband and I having the same arguments over and over again. Something had to change. I met with her 8 times and over those 8 [sessions] I felt better. She will call you out… but my favorite part is she makes you feel better. She says it’s normal, she says you feel the same way as others. I had so much comfort in knowing I was NOT alone in my thoughts. I don’t have many friends that are stepmoms so it really made sense for me to spend time with someone that is, and understands my situation. If you are on the fence, please just DO IT! You deserve it and it will make you happy.

Thank you Kristen for your knowledge, patience, and understanding! You, my friend, have a gift.


Me and Damien are ENGAGED in case you missed it on fb!!!! Omg. And I know for certain we wouldn’t be this happy and thriving if we didn’t participate in your [coaching] sessions every month. Me and my future marriage is forever thankful for you, and I know if we ever find ourselves in a chapter of needing some more support, I will always reach out to you or if I’m needing some more step mom guidance!


From the very first chat I had with Kristen I felt such relief knowing that all of my stepmom struggles, insecurities and thoughts that I had felt guilty for having, were not only okay to have, but they were normal! Through coaching, Kristen helped me feel secure and confident in my new relationships and with myself. I now feel so much excitement about the future of my family. Kristen is such a delightful person and having her as a mentor is truly a blessing.


Thanks so much, I LOVE being a part of this family/ group and I already feel so much better about things! Thanks again ☺️

Carrie M.

I can’t thank you enough for your help! I arrived at a crisis point where I couldn’t see any way forward that didn’t involve me moving out of my home half of the time, and am leaving the sessions (for now) happy and comfortable. Our blended family doesn’t look the way I thought it “should”, but it’s working for us (and me!), and I’ve learned that’s what matters. It helped so much to know there were other women out there just like me, struggling to fit a round peg into a square hole. You helped me realize I didn’t need to squeeze the peg into the hole – I just needed to take up space and be myself. And set boundaries.

Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart – you have changed my life!


When I came to Kristen, I was desperate. I felt hopeless, like a bad step mom and worse, like a bad partner. I was skeptical about the process and worried about the expense as I don’t usually spend a lot on myself. The expression:” you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true than with this experience. Kristen’s knowledge, ability to listen and empathize and real world suggestions are top notch. After each session, I had actionable tasks to do, things which made me think and helped me to begin to re work my role in our family. This is a long journey, but with Kristen’s guidance, I now feel ready and excited about family life, instead of angry and miserable. 

Stepmom A.

Thank you so much for everything you do. Our 2 sessions have made a hugely positive impact on our day-to-day lives. I can’t wait for our next hour – your input is invaluable and both of us are always wondering what Kristen would have to say about that! Much more so than our couple’s therapist. Go fig!

Stepmom M.

My only regret is that I wish I had found Kristen and started working with her sooner!  When we started working together I often felt out of place, misunderstood and as if I wasn’t an equal partner in my marriage because some of our full time (yes, full time!) kids weren’t mine.  As a people pleaser and an introvert I avoided conflict by just “going along” and the outcome was often a desire to avoid my own home.  Kristen helped me understand that my feelings were normal (goodbye stepmom guilt) and that setting healthy boundaries isn’t about starting conflict.  She also taught me to talk to my husband in a way that helped him understand how my perspective as a parent in our house differed from his and how we could work together to set and understand expectations and roles.  Where 2 years ago I questioned whether we would make it as a blended family, today we have open communication and I am clear about my role in my family.  And I feel respected, heard and loved!


I truly enjoy Kristen’s view of the stepparenting experience, obviously and particularly, the step mom experience.We share virtually the same story- first marriage, young step child, tolerable BM, lol. However, feeling certain ways is inevitable, and blending is hard to navigate. Kristen also was a companion even off screen (paid scheduled time), cheering from the sidelines on social, and even helping me understand my feelings following the miscarriage of my “ours” baby. That support has been extremely valuable. I will absolutely consult with Kristen when needed in the future.


I am forever grateful I found Kristen’s group coaching! As a new stepmom, the community coaching sessions help me connect with other women I could relate to. Kristen offered many ideas and tips that I was able to use in my own home to help our blended family live a happier life. If you’re a new stepmom or are looking to bring peace into your home, I highly recommend joining Kristen’s group coaching.

Stepmom C.

I felt so refreshed and recharged after our session. :-)… I am excited for our next session! Your voice has been in my head since Friday and it’s truly been a game changer. I have already noticed positive changes in my household just within a few days because of me changing MY attitude/approach… In conclusion, MAN YOU’RE GOOD!!!! … Thank you for your time and dedication to coaching me.


Coaching with Kristen has changed my life! Through our one-on-one coaching, I have been able to step into my role as a stepmom with newfound confidence and peace. Kristen is very knowledgeable, supportive, and relatable. She offers small but powerful shifts which have allowed me to become the wife and stepmom I desire to be. I left each session feeling empowered and excited to apply what I had learned. My family life is much more peaceful, fun, and fulfilling as a result of our sessions. I highly recommend Kristen and am very grateful I chose to pursue working with her.


I am beyond grateful for the sessions with Kristen. She made me feel valued and not alone in this crazy rollercoaster ride of being a step mom. It’s nice to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and the darkness is temporary. I feel like I will always have battles with my step daughter but Kristen helped me find ways to set boundaries and protect myself. My needs are important too and it was nice to have Kristen help me understand that without feeling selfish or like I am doing a bad job.


Kristen is the best coach and support I have ever had. She has made this part of my journey more workable and bearable. She is so understanding, warm, really genuine.

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