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Below is Stepmomming’s Full Disclosure, as well as Comment and Privacy policies. We take honesty and our integrity very seriously and want you to know exactly what’s going on at Stepmomming.


Full Disclosure

It’s our team’s goal to use Stepmomming to provide quality content that helps our readers in many ways – to parent better, to stay creative, make learning fun, successfully “adult”, and much more. We cover all sorts of topics from parenting advice, to crafts you can do with kids, to health and self-care, to running a business from home. The list goes on!

Here at Stepmomming, we put our heart and soul into the work we do, spending many, many hours working (try 50-70+ hours a week!) to create and provide free content for you as readers. So, to keep us in business, we work at earning compensation for all the time and effort we put into running the blog.

One of the ways we earn income to keep the blog going, is by working with many of the brands, blogs, and businesses mentioned throughout our posts and blog content. Whether through sponsored posts, affiliate links, or even direct sales.

But you should understand that –

We will ONLY promote products and services we have personally used and can honestly recommend, without hesitation.

Our team also makes it a point to provide 100% honest feedback when reviewing a product or service for our readers. We may be given payment, free product, or other compensation in exchange for our feedback, but you can rest assured that everything we say is true in our experience. We strive to provide honest pros AND cons of any product or service we try out and recommend.

What are Affiliate Links?

Not all, but some of the links sprinkled throughout Stepmomming (including in blog posts, pages, the sidebar, emails, etc) may contain affiliate links. If there are affiliate links on a page or post, you should see our sentence disclosure somewhere at the top of the post or above the section with links (per FTC guidelines).

An affiliate link merely means if you click the link and end up making a purchase, then (through no extra cost to you) Stepmomming could potentially earn a commission from it. I say potentially, because many programs only offer commission on “qualified purchases” which is different for every company.

Think of these commissions like marketing fees. We feature and/or promote the product or service, and the company makes sales because of it. They, in turn, may give us a fraction of the sale.

Affiliate links are just one of many income streams that allow us to keep this blog going, so thank you for your support!

What are Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored posts are another way for a blog to make money. They take many forms, but essentially, this is when a company or brand collaborates with Stepmomming, usually to promote a specific product or service.

Stepmomming is paid in exchange for our honest feedback about said product or service – whether through a tutorial, a review, a giveaway, a general promotion, etc.

At the top of sponsored posts, you should see another disclosure, because again, we want you to really know what’s going on at Stepmomming.

Our integrity, and your trust in our judgement, is vital to the success of this blog, and we take remaining honest and unbiased very seriously.

Comment Policy

Stepmomming was created in order to help and connect with other [step]mamas. We want to make it as warm and welcoming as possible. We’re all human here, and should be working together to keep things positive. So please be respectful, and play nice when commenting.

If you can’t say something nice… don’t say anything at all.”

Privacy Policy

This blog does not store or share personal information with third parties.

It does use third party advertising to serve ads when you visit, using aggregated information (not personal info) about your recently viewed websites in order to provide information on products and services you may be interested in. This is done with ads only, through the ad server only.