Want to see your work featured on Stepmomming?

Awesome! We’re glad to hear it!

First, we need to figure out if we’re a good fit to be working together. Visit the Stepmomming About page to learn about our mission.

Have a subject or post in mind that you think fits our mission? Perfect!

Here is everything you need to know to get started:

All submissions must be emailed directly to kristen@stepmomming.com.

  • Include an appropriate subject line (“Blog post submission” or “Guest post submission”)
  • Include a super short bio about who you are or what you do. Why are you an authority on this subject?
  • Include your social media and blog links, if applicable.
  • Paste post directly in the body of your email.
  • We prefer exclusive content; however, if your post has been previously published somewhere else, include links.
  • Attach photos separately, not in the email body.

It’s also a good idea to keep these things in mind:

Proofread everything you submit.

Poor grammar and spelling mistakes look unprofessional. Make sure everything is clear and to the point. Extensive review and proofreading will delay how quickly we can publish your content.

On this blog, we write stepmom, stepparent, stepfamily, etc. with the word in all lowercase without a hyphen. We write co-parenting, co-parent, etc. in all lowercase with a hyphen.

Make sure the topic actually relates to Stepmomming.

At stepmomming.com, we believe that stepmomming is what you do, it’s not who you are. We seek content that relates to our audience of stepmoms as moms, wives, stepparents, women, and adults, so make sure you’re familiar with Stepmomming and the blog’s categories/subcategories before you pitch to us.

Pro tip: We favor articles that are emotionally relatable and logically sound – bonus points if you throw in some humor!

Don’t bug us over and over.

We’re a busy team. So if we take a week or so to answer your email, be patient. I promise we look at each and every submission. If it’s even in the realm of possibility that we like what you submit, we’ll let you know. Emailing “Did you get my email?” will not make us respond any quicker.~

If we don’t bite – try, try again.

If one of your submissions doesn’t hook us, don’t give up! Send in other ideas. We’re always eager to find writers that share our desire for improvement when it comes to parenting, stepparenting, and co-parenting.~

We are so excited you’re interested in working with us, and can’t wait to read your submissions!