Coaching Results

If you’re on the fence, Stepmom J says “please just DO IT!”

This sweet client came to me deflated after 7 years of trying to find peace and happiness on her own.

She left more confident, peaceful, and happy. I could practically see the tension release from her shoulders throughout our 8 weeks together.


Betty has found peace and confidence!

When we first started working together, Betty wasn’t sure if her marriage would survive her second wife insecurities. After putting in the work throughout our one-on-one coaching program, Betty walked away with peace, boundaries, and best of all, CONFIDENCE!


Kristen has a happier life after group coaching!

Kristen and I worked together through group coaching, focusing on her relationship with her stepchild, boundaries, and prioritizing her peace.


Stepmom N recognizes powerful transformation from Stepmomming group coaching program.

N and I worked through validating the stepmom role, coping with a high-conflict ex, and prioritizing your peace as a stepmom.

After getting really clear on the role N wanted to play in her family, she started tuning out the “should”s and putting her needs first without a side of guilt.


Stepmom C has a massive mindset shift.

As stepmoms, it can feel overwhelming and like everything is out of our control, but when C and I talked, she realized just how much truly was in her power to change and control.

Though there’s not a magic potion that will fix things for you overnight, you will see immediate effects from our coaching together.


Couple notices “hugely positive impact.”

Getting to work with couples is such a uniquely wonderful experience.

Stepmoms will never truly understand what their partners are experiencing, and vice versa. I was able to help this couple get on the same page, recognize one another’s perspective, and work together as a team to tackle the issue, instead of fighting one another.


Kammiesue feels understood.

In a time when it felt like no one else would get it, Kammiesue and I connected on Instagram. She signed up for coaching and received validation that she’s not alone and strategies for prioritizing her peace above all else.