Stepmom Group Abbreviations

If you’re involved in blended family communities on Facebook, like Stepmomming Ain’t Easy, I’m sure you’ve seen dozens of stepmom group abbreviations. When you first join, it can feel like you’re learning a new language! Hopefully this list helps you catch on more quickly than I did!

BD: Biological Dad/Birth Dad or Biological Daughter (usually followed with age as a number)

BF: Boyfriend or Biological Father/Birth Father

BIL: Brother-In-Law

BM: Biological Mom/Birth Mom

BS: Biological Son (usually followed with age as a number)

CA: Custody Agreement

CO: Court Order

CP: Custodial Parent

CPS: Child Protective Services

CS: Child Support

DF: Dear Fiancé

DH: Dear Husband

DIL: Daughter-In-Law

DW: Dear Wife

EOW: Every Other Week

EOWE: Every Other Weekend

EX: Ex-wife or Ex-girlfriend

FFIL: Future Father-In-Law

FH: Future Husband

FIL: Father-In-Law

FMIL: Future Mother-In-Law

FSD: Future Stepdaughter

FSS: Future Stepson

GAL: Guardian Ad Litem

HCBD: High Conflict Birth/Biological Dad

HCBM: High Conflict Birth/Biological Mom

HCSF: High Conflict Stepfather

HCSM: High Conflict Stepmother

IMHO: In My Humble/Honest Opinion

IMO: In My Opinion

MIL: Mother-In-Law

NCP: Non-Custodial Parent

NSMR: Not Stepmom Related

OH: Other Half

OP: Original Poster

PAS: Parental Alienation Syndrome

SAHM: Stay-At-Home Mom

SAHSM: Stay-At-Home Stepmom

SC: Stepchildren

SD: Stepdaughter (Usually followed by age as a number) or Stepdad

SF: Stepfather

SIL: Sister-In-Law

SK: Stepkids

SM: Stepmom

SO: Significant Other

SS: Stepson (Usually followed by age as a number)

TIL: Today I Learned

XBIL: Ex Brother-In-Law

XFIL: Ex Father-In-Law

XMIL: Ex Mother-In-Law

XSIL: Ex Sister-In-Law

XP: Cross-Posted in Other Groups

Hope this helps! Happy posting!

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