Stepmom Self-Care Challenge FAQs!

The excitement surrounding our Stepmom Self-Care Challenge has been OVERWHELMING!

It’s evident you ladies have been eagerly waiting for permission to put yourself first and to really prioritize self-care. I’m excited to give you the perfect excuse beginning on March 22nd!

You’ve had several questions, so I wanted to make sure you had all of the information you needed to make a decision! If you already know you’re interested and just need to grab a ticket, click the button below!

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Stepmom Self-Care Challenge FAQs

1. Why are you charging us to focus on self-care? 

I totally agree that at face-value it seems counter-intuitive. But here’s the thing: I want you to really COMMIT to this challenge. Not just sign up and never actually do the lessons or change your habits. I want you to feel invested in the outcomes, so we added a small charge – less than the price of an Iced Caramel Macchiato – to represent that commitment.

2. What’s the format of this challenge (e.g., webinar, email, phone)?

Great question! The challenge is housed in a private Facebook community exclusively for challenge participants. You’ll get to encourage each other and interact closely with the Stepmomming team who can’t wait to help you prioritize self-care!

Each morning, we’ll introduce the day’s focus, expert, and goals. We’ll be sharing encouraging quotes to get you hyped throughout the day, and then each evening, a video featuring an expert in the day’s field will be posted.

We might also sneak some other bonuses in there for you, but I’ll keep those a surprise for anyone who signs up!

3. What are the themes you’ll be focusing on throughout the challenge? Self-care is pretty open-ended.

You’re right, it is! We’ve brought in some incredible experts on self-care, and they’re all stepmoms! They understand the unique challenges this role presents and how to take care of yourself despite those added stressors!

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Practicing Gratitude with Grady Savage of GradyBird Blog

Harnessing Your Body’s Energy to Calm Your Mind with Tracy Poizner, The Essential Stepmom

Take Care of Your Marriage, Take Care of Yourself with Ali Wilks of Stepcoupling

Pampering Yourself & Relaxing the Body with Michelle Hancock of Modern Mom Life

Decluttering Mind and Space with Kate Simmons of Color Coded Chaos

Tips from a Professional Therapist with Katherine Lister

The Power of Health and Fitness with Mackenzie Mullenax

4. When I go to the website, I see two different options. What’s the difference?

Both options on the website include the ticket to gain access to all of the content. The $5 ticket is to get access to the private community where all of the magic happens. The second package for $20 includes an exclusive Stepmom Strong T-shirt in addition to your ticket!

Please note, the T-shirt is only available for shipping to the US and Canada at this time.

5. When does the content expire?

Never! That’s right! You’ll have lifetime access to all of the content shared. Pretty phenomenal, right?

6. What if I’m not impressed?

We’re so confident you’ll love our Stepmom Self-Care Challenge that if you come back to us within a week of the challenge closing and tell us you didn’t take anything away from the experience, we’ll completely refund your ticket cost.

Just remember – stepmomming is not who you are, it’s what you do. You deserve to be a priority, Mama!

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See you inside the challenge! 


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