Meet The Stepmomming Team



I’m a proud stepmom of Krista and madly in love wife of Kevin currently situated near Dallas, Texas! I’ve faced and overcome insecurities as my husband’s second wife, faced disappointments as a stepparent, and struggled with co-parenting. Stepmomming is a wild ride, but I’m thrilled we don’t have to go it alone. Welcome to the family!



Emily is a Rhode Island-raised daydreamer currently living in Massachusetts with her husband and stepdaughter. She believes that a good stepmom knows when to step up to the plate but also knows when to step back and take a minute to breathe. She’s passionate in helping all stepmoms find happy harmony between loving the life you didn’t know you signed up for and self-love. When she is not managing our online community, she is a licensed massage therapist and going back to school to become an esthetician.



Brittany is a Stay-At-Home wife, stepmom to a silly, red-headed girl, and bio mom to one sweet little boy. She is passionate about helping her fellow stepmoms feel understood, seen & supported. When she isn’t browsing social media, you can find her hanging out with her dogs, calling The Hogs, binge-watching The Office for the thousandth time, or sipping on frozen margaritas.