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Beyond the Classroom: Getting Kids Excited About Learning!

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A Parent’s Responsibility

Teachers can only take our children so far during normal class time. They do the best they can with the time they have, but is it really enough to raise our children into successful adults? As parents, we have a responsibility to further educate and develop our children at home. And we’re not talking about the normal “life subjects” we covered in March with The Adulting Series (those are important, too!). We’re talking about all the subjects they normally learn in school.

Now, don’t grab the worksheets and flashcards just yet – we’re not talking about extending homework time an extra hour or two each night. (How boring!) We’re talking about covering normal school subjects in a fun, hands-on way that will actually teach your children topics they’d normally forget over the summer.

Get ready… because we’re prepared to give you an entire month’s worth of activities to do at home to teach your children through PLAY.

Beyond the Classroom

For the entire month of May, Kandy Apple Mama will be covering different school subjects several days a week and offering fun, interactive ways of teaching and learning. Mondays will cover math, Wednesdays will focus on reading and writing, Fridays will offer bonus activities, and Saturdays will be all about science!!!

Below each section is a list of games and activities we have planned; each link will go live once it has been posted. So keep checking back each week to get the tutorials!

Math Monday

Get ready for some really fun math games to play with your little ones. K loved our addition beach ball game so much that she wanted to play it for hours. When learning is fun, children are far more engaged and ready to soak up the material.

Subtraction Bowling

Beach Ball Addition

Multiplication Battle

Flashcard Lava Pit

Fraction Go Fish

Reading and Writing Wednesday

It is crucial that our children develop strong literacy skills. There are only a few Wednesdays in the month of May to address fun ways to engage your children in reading and develop their writing skills, but there are opportunities to enhance these skills everywhere you turn. Once you start seeing life as an opportunity to teach beyond the classroom, you’ll start to recognize them.

To continue learning more about raising a reader, check out The Importance of Reading.

Ad Libs

Phonics Series

Create Your Own Comics

Books for Every Occasion

Sight Word Cootie Catcher

Bonus Friday

We’ll be exploring fun ways to teach your children bonus skills each Friday this month! From gardening to telling time and understanding money, your little one will love extra one-on-one time with Mama while learning about exciting new topics.


Geography Games

Learning a New Language

Telling Time

Science Saturday

And last, but certainly not least, we’ll be exploring science experiments and activities on Saturdays! K is obsessed with anything even remotely science-y. She has 3 different science experiment kits and 4 books full of science activities. We’re so excited to share some of our favorites with you!

We are ESPECIALLY excited because we’re kicking Science Saturdays off with a feature on how we threw the most amazing Science Birthday Party for K this year! (It was so fun!)

The Ultimate Science Birthday Party

Sort & Classify Animals

Invisible Ink by Oxidation

Learning About the Human Body

Learning isn’t Reserved for 8-3 Monday through Friday!

As mamas, we have the greatest influence over our children and what they learn. Teachers today are doing their best, but there’s never a guarantee that what they’re teaching is fully registering. That’s where we come in – we’re the second shift! To make sure our kids are soaking up the knowledge we want them to, we need to get involved. We have the opportunity to transform our children into successful adults by teaching them everything they need to know before they leave our homes. And while we need to teach them facts, we also need to teach them how to learn, and how to enjoy learning.

First lady Abigail Adams said, “Learning is not attained by choice. It must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” Teach your little ones to eagerly seek education, on the daily!

They can’t do it without you, Mama.


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