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Co-Parenting Date: Take Your Blended Family to the Next Level

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Sometimes I forget how wild of an idea it is to co-parent and get along with your child’s other parents. Or to even try!

Just this morning all 6 of us (Mommy, Daddy, Mama K, James, Krista, and her little sister) went out to breakfast at a local café. The waitress was so nice and friendly, we were bonding over how far apart in age our children are.

Inevitably, it came up that I was Mom and Kristen (sitting next to me at the time) was stepmom. This sweet lady had to ask us multiple times to repeat what we said. “Wait, you two get along??” Shock. Disbelief. It made us laugh.

While we love surprising people with our friendly relationship, our goal is to make this happy co-parenting thing a reality for many more families. And one of the fun ways that helped us get to know each other better (which is a fair part of getting along) was going on co-parenting dates!

I realize that many families are absolutely not to the point where they want to be anything close to “friends,” but for those that have made it to the point of at least being polite, co-parenting dates are a great way to become more comfortable around each other. But more importantly, it’s wonderful for your kids to see you getting along as one big family.

4 Steps to a Great Co-parenting Date

Step 1. Who’s invited?

To first plan a co-parenting date, decide who all you want to include. Some families choose to only include Mom, Dad, and child. Others like to include the whole family, no matter how big! We’ve done both over the years.

Before I got to know Kristen – Krista, her dad, and I got together for a few dinners out to spend time with Krista, together. Once Kristen and I started warming up to each other, we started planning whole family outings! Many times, Kristen and I take the girls out just with just the two of us. You’ll know what’s right for your family.

Step 2. Where will you meet?

I’d suggest your families start out by meeting on common ground for your first co-parenting date. There are a ton of places you could try out – everywhere from restaurants to play places, from outdoors activities to meeting up for holiday outings. Here are a few ideas to get you started! (Some suggestions are for more experienced friendly co-parents!)

Fun Places to Go

Peek n Play, or another pretend-play place

Carnival or Circus

Amusement Park

Water Park

Local Arcade

Roller Skate Rink

Drive-In Movie

Traditional Restaurant Outings

Indoor Rock Climbing


Zoo, or Petting Zoo

Open Play at a Gymnastics Gym

Trampoline Park

Bounce House Play Place

Local Children’s Museum

Putt-Putt Golf


Laser Tag

Go-Kart Racing

Peruse the Book Store

See a Play or Ballet

Go see a Movie

Outdoorsy Activities



Run a 5K Together

Go Ice Skating

Shoot Fireworks on the 4th of July

Trick-or-Treat together on Halloween


Hike Along Lake or Mountain Trails

Sit Together for Games, Recitals, or Tournaments

Visit a Local Farm (Fruit Picking!)

Go to the Beach

Swim at the Community Pool

Have a Picnic

Ice Cream at the Park

Hit up a Local Playground

Different Kinds of Activities

(These I would suggest for more comfortable & friendly families.)

Grocery Shopping

Run Errands Together

Movie Night at someone’s house

Community Events

Mani-Pedis with the girls

#3. Behave yourself.

Things may start out awkward in the beginning, and that’s totally normal. As you guys start figuring out these new relationships and your new dynamic, you’ll feel more comfortable around each other. And even if you don’t, you should still behave yourself. This is your family, for better or for worse.

Be polite. Be kind. And treat others the way you would like to be treated. C’mon you guys – we’re all adults here! Make sure you act like one.

#4. Payment and Courtesy.

It’s usually considered common courtesy for the one who invited everyone out to expect to pay, but it’s also nice to take turns. Many times there may be one side of the family planning all the outings. Don’t expect them to always foot the bill! It doesn’t matter about child support, or owing anybody anything. It’s the nice thing to do.

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Co-parenting dates can be a fun way to get to know each other and help improve relationships. But more than that, it’s a fantastic way to show your child that you can get along for his or her sake. You probably won’t become best friends of course, but at the very least it’ll help you get on the same page. Put your best (and most respectful) foot forward, and you’ll make strides on the co-parenting path.

Who knows – maybe one day you’ll even plan a joint birthday party together!

Good luck!

PS: If you reached this point, maybe it’s time to throw your first joint birthday party! Here’s how we did it!

4 thoughts on “Co-Parenting Date: Take Your Blended Family to the Next Level”

  1. Hey Amanda thanks for this amazing post!! You definitely gave some really great ideas for coparenting for I was currently in the struggle to figuring out options and resources for continuing my coparenting situation. This was great!!

  2. I love this! I have a great relationship with my biological daughters step mom, she’s a fantastic addition to my daughters life and I love how she takes care of her!
    I appreciate it even more because the relationship with my step daughters mom is hostile to say the least. I wish more people would have a good relationship with new bonus parents, it would make things so much easier for the kids!

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