This punch is so easy to throw together and is so tasty. It’s been a favorite at every single children’s party I’ve thrown, and it’s a hit with the parents too, not just the kids! Even better? It’s just two ingredients!

Tasty and Easy Party Punch

This is a great recipe to keep in your back pocket in case you need it next time! You just grab the two ingredients, mix them together, and serve! Easy-peezy!

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Tasty and Easy Party Punch | 2 Ingredient Punch | 2 Ingredient Party Punch | Easy to Make Punch | Easy Party Drink | Kids Birthday Drinks


128 oz package, Hawaiian Punch (choose flavor/color of choice)

2L 7UP




If possible, chill Hawaiian Punch and 7UP.

Pour Hawaiian Punch into a large drink dispenser.

Pour 7UP into drink dispenser.

Add ice.


For the Overachievers

Add Dry Ice for a smoky effect.

This was a huge hit for our science birthday party last year!

Come up with a catchy name for your punch.

Depending on the theme, there are endless options here.

Science Theme – Proton Punch

Baking Theme – Pastry Punch

Dinosaur Theme – Paleozoic Punch

Safari Theme – Jungle Juice

Unicorn Theme – Sparkle Syrup

You get the idea!

Freeze cubes of the Hawaiian Punch

Bonus points if they’re party-appropriate shapes!

That’s it! The easiest and tastiest punch for your next party!


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