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Math Game: Learn Addition and Multiplication with Beach Ball Madness!

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Happy Math Monday, Mamas!

Today we’re tackling addition and multiplication.

With an incredibly fun math game your kids are going to love! This one is K’s absolute favorite. She could play it for hours! In fact, the first night we played this Beach Ball Madness, she begged me to get her up earlier than normal for school the following morning so she could play again!

This game can be played with children learning either addition or multiplication (or both), and I guarantee they’ll love it! It’s a game of catch with an oversized ball that simultaneously teaches children and allows them to have fun.

There is a significant burden placed on parents to raise successful, brilliant, and respectful children (and, you know, to keep them alive and healthy… minor details). At Kandy Apple Mama, we’re not only committed to raising successful children; we’re committed to doing everything we can to ensure our children grow up bound for greatness. (Learn what science says about raising successful children in our post Lessons from Becoming Brilliant.)

Education isn’t solely a teacher’s responsibility. There’s so much more to learning than what kids are taught at school. We’re here to help you further your child’s education – with the Beyond the Classroom series.

Let’s inspire greatness, Mama – what do you say?

Beach Ball Madness

What do you need?

Beach Ball – you can get one here!

Permanent Marker – you can get one here!

How does it work?

Write a variety of numbers 1-12 around the beach ball using the permanent marker.

Take turns tossing the ball with your child. When she catches the ball, tell her that her hands have glue on them and she can’t unglue her hands until she adds (or multiplies, for the older students) the numbers that her hands are stuck to!

Once she’s added the numbers together, she’ll toss it to you. Set a good example and add your numbers aloud before tossing it back. In the photo below, K added 6 and 9 to get 15 before tossing the ball back to me!

Keep going back and forth until you decide you’re done for the evening!

Pro tip: If your hand doesn’t land on a number, add up the closest number to your hand. There are no zeroes in Beach Ball Madness!

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Let’s do this!

We won’t inspire greatness in our children with one fun math game, but the more we work with our children and encourage them to be inquisitive, persistent, and to keep their innocent sense of fun, the closer we are to raising a better generation.

Who would have thought a beach ball and permanent marker could teach such important skills?

You are truly representing the change you wish to see in the world.

You rock, Mama!

7 thoughts on “Math Game: Learn Addition and Multiplication with Beach Ball Madness!”

  1. This is such a great idea! I will definitely be trying this activity with my son when he starts to learn how to do math. Math was my least favorite subject in school, so I’m determined to make learning math fun for him. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a great idea to incorporate learning with outdoor fun 🙂 We use a beach ball in our dance classes that have ice breaker questions on them for team bonding!

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