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Subtraction Game | Have Fun Learning by… Bowling!

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Welcome to our first Math Monday, Mama!

Are you SO over the boring flashcard and minute worksheet routine to teach your little one how to subtract? I say, subtract the boring stuff and add in this fun, free math game! We play Subtraction Bowling in our house to practice our math facts!

At Stepmomming, we’re determined to do our part to raise a better generation. We aim to be better mothers and raise better children, and part of that mission is helping children learn how to learn! Learning goes Beyond the Classroom, and we’re so excited to share with you many games for taking lessons outside of school and getting your children excited about learning!

It’s hard not to be excited about learning when it means you get to bowl together!

Subtraction Bowling

What do you need?

10 cups

1 ball

Smiles and laughter

How do you play?

Step 1.

Set the cups up with 4, 3, 2, 1 in a row creating a triangle shape.

Step 2.

Have your child roll the ball toward the “pins.”

Step 3.

Subtract the number of pins knocked over from 10.

(For example, 10-3=7 cups still standing below.)

And viola! Simple, but fun way to practice subtracting!

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Prepare for hours of fun!

This game is so easy and fun that I’ve seen kids as young as 3 really enjoy this math game. Feel free to get braver and add extra rows to the triangle as your child masters the 10’s.

This is the first installment of our Beyond the Classroom series. Learning (and especially passion for learning!) happens at home, not just at school. Think beyond the textbooks and the worksheets. Look toward raising successful children and teaching them how to love learning through games, activities, and exercises that inspire passion, teach important lessons, and nurture the mother-daughter bond.

Let’s change the world, Mama!

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