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The 7 Best Morning Sickness Nausea Remedies

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Morning sickness SUCKS. In case you didn’t already know.

When I was pregnant last year I had the worst morning sickness.

It was so bad – all day, everyday – until about the 5th month. Every day at work I would sit on the phones while simultaneously hovering over a trashcan. My customer service numbers went down, probably because I sounded as miserable as I felt. Heck, I would throw up on my shoes while walking out to the car at night! It was ridiculous.

And while it got a little more manageable after my OBGYN put me on nausea medication, it never seemed to fully go away. And to put a cherry on top of my misery, my insurance would only pay for 10 pills every 14 days. So 2 days a week I just had to suffer through it.

My fiancé felt so helpless trying to make me feel better. I’m pretty sure he bought anything and everything he saw that said it could cure morning sickness. And from my experience, those labels don’t guarantee success.

Occasionally a nausea remedy we bought did nothing but make me throw up more. After all the drinks, tinctures, candies, recipes, etc. that I tried, I’ve compiled this list to help all of you wonderful mamas-to-be make it through those sick, miserable first months.

The 7 Best “Morning Sickness” Nausea Remedies

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Good Ol’ Ginger Ale & Crackers

Good ol’ fashioned ginger ale and crackers really helped me inch my way through the workday. Aaaaand I really enjoyed how James would leave them on my desk every morning before I got to my desk. <3

Hard Candies & Lollipops

Preggie Pop Drops – $4.15

These Preggie Pop Drops have great reviews on Amazon. They didn’t work for me, but they clearly work for some mamas.

GINGER – especially Tea

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Morning Wellness Tea – $11.99

Ginger everything is supposed to be killer at fighting nausea (remember Ginger Ale?). You either like ginger, or you don’t. But I found that Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Morning Wellness tea was my favorite way to get my ginger (and mint!).

Nausea Relief Bracelets

Sea-Band Wristband – $6.17

I heard about wearing bracelets that were meant to put pressure on your wrist in order to relieve nausea long before I was pregnant. They also help with sea sickness – Kristen swears by them. Word to the wise – your elastic hair band wrapped around your wrist just doesn’t cut it. Try this one instead.

Mommy Pops!

(read the recipe on Wholistic Beginnings)

Even my daughter K loved eating these with me. She and James would concoct them together and any time I’d say something about an upset stomach when we were home, they’d go get me a “mommy pop.”  They’re especially perfect for hot sweaty summer pregnancies.

Ice Chips

(Try these electrolyte ice cubes from Everyday Roots)

Many women claim that chewing on ice chips helps a queasy stomach. It helped in my case, but didn’t make the problem go away. Sometimes mixing in your favorite electrolyte drink (like Body Armor) to a tray of ice cubes can help even more. Especially if all that nausea has left you a bit dehydrated.


The number one remedy in my book is sleep. Rest and sleep as much as you can when pregnant, and especially when you’re feeling sick. This works so much better than trying to placate your queasiness with salty fried foods. Plus, it’s better for your body.

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If morning sickness has got you down as bad as it did me (or worse) then it can’t hurt to try any or all of these seven remedies. Each mama and every pregnancy is different, so not all of these may work for you. But if one doesn’t, move on to the next. Keep trying until you find a winner!

Of course, if your morning sickness is really bad, I don’t believe anything will help you better than the little anti-nausea pills the doctor can subscribe you. Hopefully your insurance covers them because they can get hella expensive if you pay out of pocket!

Personally, I tried all of the above on top of the pills just to give myself an edge, usually multiple at a time. Morning sickness is no joke, mama! Trust me, I know!

Good luck, and God bless!

PS: The morning sickness that lasts all day was only 1 of the things no one ever told me about being pregnant. Here’s a list of 40 symptoms no one tells you about pregnancy.


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