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17 Clever Pregnancy Announcements with Siblings!

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Creative pregnancy announcements are all the rage these days. Who remembers Beyonce’s controversial and goddess-like announcement?! While celebrities have given us inspiration for many things, it can still be a bear to find clever pregnancy announcements with siblings!

(For those of you who need a reminder on the Beyonce front, here you go!)

In this age of technology, for better or for worse, new parents can get easily swept away in the pressure to have the cutest Instagram-worthy pregnancy announcement.

Whether you’re caving to peer pressure or making memories to keep private with your family, I’ve rounded up 17 clever pregnancy announcements with siblings to ease your pain in making a decision. No matter the season or the reason, I’ve got you covered.

17 Clever Pregnancy Announcements with Siblings!

Baby shoes, ultrasound, and an excited family in the background!

family pregnancy announcement with ultrasound

From: Joy Food Sunshine

I love the perspective of this photo and the true essence of all of the older siblings captured in the background. How sweet!

Dog Puns are the Best Puns!

pregnancy announcement with dogs

From: A Stepmomming Ain’t Easy Member

If you know me, you know I love dogs. This family decided to lighten the mood in regards to their “loooonnnngg” wait to get pregnant. (Get it?! Because of the Dachshunds?!) *Ba, Dum, Cha!* What a beautiful announcement with their dogs and his sons, her stepsons!

The Best Christmas Gift…

christmas pregnancy announcement

From: Journey of Parenthood

What a great gift idea for family and friends! (Okay depending on the audience, maybe you pair this picture with a bottle of wine…) My favorite part of this announcement is how genuinely excited everyone looks!

Video Game Inspired

Mario pregnancy announcement player 3 loading

From: A Stepmomming Ain’t Easy member

Everything is always better with a Mario reference, right?! This makes me want to dig out my old Nintendo and save Princess Peach ASAP!

Classic Chalkboard Sign

chalkboard big brother announcement

From: Where The Smiles Have Been

You can never go wrong with a chalkboard announcement! I really love the ultrasound in the heart on this one. So clever!

The classic shoe picture. Love it!

pregnancy announcement shoe timeline

From: A Stepmomming Ain’t Easy member

Another classic, the tennis shoe picture! This is a sweet and powerful homage to the whole family.

Song (and pet) incorporation!

justin bieber pregnancy announcement with dog

From: On Moxie and Motherhood

This family knocked it out of the park with their pop-culture reference! (and they get bonus points from me for incorporating their puppy!)

Also, you’re welcome for having that song stuck in your head now…

When the middle child gets promoted…

big sister training pregnancy announcement

From: A Stepmomming Ain’t Easy member

To tell the oldest daughter about the new baby, these parents led her on a scavenger hunt to find the ultrasound picture! What a great idea!

Diaper Timeline

cloth diaper pregnancy announcement

From: A Stepmomming Ain’t Easy member

This stepmom found a way to incorporate her stepchildren and her biological children into the announcement using their preferred (and super cute!) diapers! I love this.

“Here’s the story of a lovely lady…” (and her twins!) [Brady Bunch inspired!]

brady bunch pregnancy announcement

From: A Stepmomming Ain’t Easy member

I love the Brady Bunch; in fact, I have a Brady Bunch T-shirt that I wear often. I’m a little mad at myself for not thinking of this…

His, Hers, & Ours!

football blended family pregnancy announcement

From: A Stepmomming Ain’t Easy member

What a beautiful tribute to this happy blended family! Also perfect for fall pregnancies and football lovers!

Sports themed + adoption!

adoption pregnancy announcement

From: Journey of Parenthood

There is so much I love about this picture. *Runs to grab tissues* Great idea for all families!

When she finally gets a playmate!

tea party pregnancy announcement

From: Simplify, Create, Inspire

What a sweet and simple picture. That sweet baby was ready for her sibling!

A firefighter family

firefighter pregnancy announcement

From: A Stepmomming Ain’t Easy member

Future firefighters in their hilarious T-shirts… a win-win!

The cutest graphic tee!

subtle candid pregnancy announcement

From: Joy Food Sunshine

Candid family photos with a subtle announcement. Love it!

The tie-breaker…

tie breaker pregnancy announcement

From: A Stepmomming Ain’t Easy member

Too cute! That gender reveal is going to leave someone really happy, and someone really sad…

Simple yet Captivating… It’s all about perspective!

tree perspective pregnancy announcement

From: A Stepmomming Ain’t Easy member

I absolutely love the stunning simplicity of this picture.

If you’ve been looking for ideas for pregnancy announcements with siblings, I hope this list helped you out! If you would like for your announcement to be added to the list, email your picture to ashley@stepmomming.com for consideration!

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