Becoming a Co-Parenting Champion: From High-Conflict to High-Functioning eBook

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The Becoming a Co-Parenting Champion eBook is a downloadable book designed to help parents learn more about co-parenting, stop making common mistakes that contribute to the problems, and develop stronger, healthier relationships with their child’s other parents – all in order to raise their child in a happier, healthier way.

This book will help you open your heart to something so rewarding, help you set change in motion, and push you to end the behaviors that are keeping you from becoming a co-parenting champion. We’ll help you let go of the hurt and embrace the partnership that parenting was designed to be, no matter your family dynamic.

In this must-have guide, you’ll learn all about:

Our post-divorce experience and problems we were facing.
Opening up the lines of communication and other ways to improve relationships.
How we parent as co-parenting champions and what it took to get here.
Why putting your children first will always be your best course of action.
The biggest mistakes you’re making and how to change them.
Tips and first steps you can take to lead you down the co-parenting path.
Addressing controversial questions – from custody to parenting with a narcissist.
And much more.

Please note: This is a PDF download. There will not be a physical copy of the book shipped to you.

7 reviews for Becoming a Co-Parenting Champion: From High-Conflict to High-Functioning eBook

  1. 5 out of 5


    My youngest son has an amazingly beautiful one and a half/year/old little girl. The relationship he has had with her mother has been heartbreaking to watch. He has moved on and has a wife who wants to be a big part of my granddaughters life and that was met with great opposition. I have been praying for ways to share my own experiences with them, but every time I spoke to one of them they felt like I was taking side against the other. So when I got the link to take the co/parenting challenges I gladly excepted. I printed out two copies of every days worth of homework and created them each a notebook. When I say each I mean all three of them. I wrote them each a letter and told them how much I love them and how much I love my granddaughter. I told them I believe the best gift they could give her and one another was to find a common ground and begin coparenting. I have attached three snap shots of Facebook entries between my granddaughters mother and stepmother. I believe they speak for themselves. And they have all three on separate occasions told me that this was due to the coparenting challenge I printed out for them. You two may never meet my precious Daisy but her life, I pray, has been forever changed because of this blog. I cannot thank you both enough!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Heather R.

    I completed your [book] a couple weeks ago. The bio mom in our case was uninterested, and is super high conflict… There has always been trying on both my husband’s and my part, and the desire for us to all be a family unit. I have attended multiple classes, different parenting classes, the children in separation and divorce classes, and none helped me as much as your challenge. For the first time in four years, since I married my husband, I have peace. My peace doesn’t come from things working out with her, because I honestly don’t believe she will ever reach that point. Your challenge brought me to a level of self reflection, and freed me from a lot of weight I have been carrying around. …it was a totally different viewpoint from any other class we’ve taken, which basically taught what to do to avoid conflict, but [they weren’t] child centered. You guys gave me the tools to really change the direction of my household and parenting for me. …I am so thankful I took your challenge.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Brittany Boyers

    This book is completely life changing for anyone in a co/parenting situation. I learned so much that I can actually apply in my behavior and attitude that will provide the peace I’m looking for. Thank you for this resource!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Dionne Viele

    Becoming a Co/Parenting Champion: From High/Conflict to High/Functioning eBook

  5. 1 out of 5

    Joresa Burnett

    This free gift was not was I expected. I thought this was would geared towards stepmoms but it’s geared towards co/parenting. Specially for the biological parents.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Brittany Kyle

    Love it

  7. 4 out of 5

    Danielle Carvalho

    Opened my eyes to some things.

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