Childless Stepmom Academy




Are you constantly feeling like a fraud because you aren’t a bio mom?

Do you compare yourself to the ex all the time?

Do you ever wonder where exactly you fit and if you’ll ever be someone’s top priority?

As a childless stepmom, you can fall into the trap of constantly questioning yourself, your value, and your worthiness as both a parent and a partner. Society sometimes views “real moms” as only women who have carried and had children themselves, but you’re much more than that. If you are feeling:

  • Like you’re always less-than
  • Jealous of the ex
  • Jealous of your stepkids
  • Like a third wheel
  • Like you will never truly get your happy ending

…then this course will be transformative for you.

In this powerful program, you’ll learn: 

  • How to understand and cope with the complicated feelings of being a childless stepmom
  • How to deal with second wife insecurities and cope with the fact that you missed out on some of your partner’s “firsts.”
  • The two types of reactions when someone says you’re not a “real” mom.
  • How to approach the “ours baby” conversation without feeling triggered or experiencing resentment.
  • How to identify what makes you, YOU.

What’s Included?

A self-paced online course that includes:

  • Training videos
  • A workbook
  • Affirmations
  • Journal prompts
  • Self-care and couple care

When you purchase this course, you will receive login credentials so you can access the lessons immediately, on any device. Work through each lesson at your own pace and convenience, from the comfort of your home, work (we won’t tell your boss!) or your favorite coffee shop.

This course is taught by Kristen Skiles, Certified Stepfamily coach and owner of Stepmomming. She’s a fellow childless stepmom ready to help you along this journey.


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