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“Where do I fit in?!” is one of the most common questions I get as a stepparent support coach–especially from childless stepmoms! I really struggled to find my place as a childless stepmom, and I’ve poured everything I learned along the way into these courses to support you on your journey.

In the Childless Stepmomming Made Easy bundle, you’ll receive immediate, lifetime access to 3 of our best-selling courses to help you master your role as a childless stepmom!

1. Bye Bye Burnout

In this powerful program, we will be covering: 

  • Understanding & overcoming the patterns that keep you in burnout
  • How to recharge from burnout
  • Consequences of burnout and why burnout is so detrimental
  • Overcoming the guilt of saying “no” to things
  • How to restructure your routines to avoid burnout

This course is for the stepmom feeling overwhelmed from all she’s taken on in her role. If you need help pushing through the burnout and finding balance in your life again, this one’s for you!

2. Stepchild Relationship Revival

In this self-paced course with accompany workbook, you will: 

  • Combat guilt by normalizing uncomfortable feelings stepmoms struggle with (not liking or loving their stepchildren, feeling jealous of them, being relieved when they leave, etc.)
  • Learn best practices for bonding with stepchildren
  • Determine your preferred discipline style 
  • Understand the role of reciprocity and how it contributes to resentment
  • Empathize with your stepchild’s perspective & how to be a safe space for them

This course is for stepmoms who are ready to have a relationship with their stepchildren that feels less strained and more authentic and fulfilling.

3. Reigniting Romance

In this self-paced course with accompany workbook, we will cover: 

  • Tips for reconnecting with your partner
  • How to communicate your needs around connection
  • How to make time for date night, even when it feels like there’s no time
  • How well do you know your partner? The “test” every successful couple can pass
  • Reigniting the Spark: 7-Day challenge

This couple’s course is designed to help bring the romance back into your relationship. Work, kids, custody schedules, high-conflict exes: it’s enough to dull even the brightest spark! Grab your partner and join me for tips and tricks and a week-long challenge to help bring back the romance!


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