Your Stepcouple Relationship Made Easy







Stepfamilies are not first families, and our relationships require a different skillset than more traditional relationships. There are a number of factors that make relationships like ours unique and more challenging, and I’m excited to offer a number of tools to set you up for success.

In the Your Stepcouple Relationship Made Easy bundle, you’ll receive immediate, lifetime access to 3 of our best-selling courses to help you master your relationship!

1. Communication Comeback for Couples

In this self-paced course with accompany workbook, we will be covering: 

  • How to communicate through and about conflict
  • How to avoid a defensive response when communicating with your partner
  • How and when to communicate about sex and intimacy  
  • Regular communication all couples should be having
  • The 5 Love and Apology Languages
  • How to find creative compromises that satisfy both of you!

This couple’s course is for stepmoms and their partners who want to learn how to communicate more effectively for a better relationship!

2. Stepcouple Goals

In this self-paced course with accompany workbook, you and your partner will: 

  • Discover some of the most common arguments couples in stepfamilies have & how to resolve them
  • Learn life-changing communication tips
  • Recognize each other’s needs and how to better support your partner
  • Master how to show love in the way your partner receives it best
  • Make the important decision to work together instead of against each other

If you want to have the strongest relationship possible and the best foundation for your family, then this course will be a game-changer for you and your partner!

3. Reigniting Romance

In this self-paced course with accompany workbook, we will cover: 

  • Tips for reconnecting with your partner
  • How to communicate your needs around connection
  • How to make time for date night, even when it feels like there’s no time
  • How well do you know your partner? The “test” every successful couple can pass
  • Reigniting the Spark: 7-Day challenge

This couple’s course is designed to help bring the romance back into your relationship. Work, kids, custody schedules, high-conflict exes: it’s enough to dull even the brightest spark! Grab your partner and join me for tips and tricks and a week-long challenge to help bring back the romance!


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