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7 Days to Becoming a More Thoughtful Partner

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Do you struggle to convey just how in love you are? Are you insecure because thoughtful actions seem to come so naturally to your partner but not to you? Are you guilt ridden because you’re forgetful? Have you ever been told, “I wish you were more thoughtful?”

If you’re eager to show your partner how much you love him or her, then all of that is about to change.

If you can dedicate just 7 days of your life, you’ll learn:

  • To become more thoughtful and present in your relationship
  • Ways to show your partner you love him/her
  • How to find the perfectly thoughtful gift for your partner
  • Thoughtful actions to implement in daily life
  • How to eliminate guilt about being with a “more thoughtful” partner

A Better Partner

Become the partner that randomly says “I love you.” The one that consciously thinks about what you can do to make your partner’s life better or easier. The one who takes her likes, desires, and dislikes into consideration when date night comes around. Be the one who shows love through actions and not just words.

With a little bit of practice, intentional thoughtfulness becomes subconscious thoughtfulness. Putting your partner’s needs, wants, and desires above or equal to your own will become second nature. It just takes a little understanding on what thoughtfulness means and the different ways it can look.

You’re completely capable of becoming a thoughtful partner. It doesn’t take a special skill or inherited trait; everyone is capable of loving thoughtfully.

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